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By evankoh posted on 6 Jun 2017  -  24,302 views

As StocksCafe is currently expanding beyond Singapore to other markets in Asia, I am now looking to feature financial bloggers from around Asia. If you are a financial blogger or if you know of any financial blogger that writes about stocks or financial related topics focusing on Asia, please let me know either via private messaging or by simply commenting on this article.

In other updates, I would like to quickly share a few new features that I worked on this weekend:

1) Portfolio Summary Graph
Now, you can have a quick graphical view of how your portfolio has performed over the last 3 weeks here.

2) Dividends Summary Graph
You can now also visually see how the dividends amount and yield have changed over the years for a stock on the Dividend Summary page (e.g. DBS).

3) Tracking Capital Flow
Capital Flow is now computed in your Portfolio Report. This allows you to easily see how much capital you have injected or withdrawn each year.

All three features above come from user requests. Please continue to request for features that would help you in your investment journey! Although I cannot work on every request immediately, I will be sure to record them down and work on them whenever I can (where possible, as some requests are not possible due to legal, practical, or other considerations).

Happy investing!


jacky5297 - Hi Evan, thanks for the hard work!

Noticed that the protfolio graph duplicates the performance on Friday over to weekends, shouldn't the weekends' performance to be always 0 since they are non-trading days?
6 Jun 2017 11:34:00

evankoh - Ah... That is a bug. I will fix it soon.
6 Jun 2017 12:10:29

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