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By evankoh posted on 14 Jun 2017  -  22,729 views

For the past two days, some users have noticed missing information in their market update emails. Specifically, it is the Cost, Day Change, P&L, etc of each portfolio that is missing. This issue affected users who have only a single currency in their portfolio. It has now been fixed and you should see those details in your emails again from today onwards.

A big thank you to all users who took time to alert me about this issue. I am personally not affected by this bug as I have multiple currencies in my portfolio and hence would have not realized it.

The bug was introduced as I tried to display all portfolios in only one currency in the email. I did this because for users with multiple currencies, details from multiple currencies are too overwhelming and preventing them from quickly understanding how their portfolio performed for the day (at least I felt it is true for myself) .

That being said, if you have multiple currencies in your portfolio and prefer to display details of each currency in your market update email, you can do so via settings.

In fact, I recommend every user to go through the various settings available in StocksCafe and customize it to your liking.

Happy investing!

p.s. Due to the bug, your Portfolio Summary page may have been affected as well. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fix that retrospectively due to the way it is set up.


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