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By evankoh posted on 22 Jan 2018  -  13,195 views

While StocksCafe is constantly fixing bugs and adding new features, once in a while, I would like to highlight and explain some new features or changes.

The following are recent updates which I believe deserve to be highlighted:

1. Market Update Emails
Market update emails is one of the more popular features in StocksCafe. In the past, it was catered solely for the Singapore market thus over the weekend, I made some changes to better support other markets, such as choosing when to receive the email and clearly stating the time used for each market.

For example, if you are trading in the US market, you might prefer to receive the email after US markets close. Please click here to select when you would like to receive the email under 'Email Timing'. By default, everyone will receive it after the Singapore market closes.

2. Transactions' Currency
Previously, StocksCafe assumes that every portfolio transaction will be settled in the default currency that the stock is trading in. This assumption is no longer reasonable as we now supports multiple markets which are trading in a variety of currencies.

Hence, you might have noticed that there is now a new optional "Currency" field (on the Add new transaction page) which allows you to enter your settlement currency. You only need to do so if it is different from the stock's trading currency.

Also, feel free to let me know if there is a currency you would like StocksCafe to support. It currently supports SGD, USD, HKD, CNY, MYR, and EUR.

3. Cash Balance Dividends Transactions
StocksCafe also supports a cash balance tracking feature. This feature is simply for you to track your current cash balance.

In order to prevent the cash balance in StocksCafe from going out of sync with your actual cash balance in your broker account, StocksCafe takes the following steps:

a) Whenever you receive dividends, it will be automatically added to your cash balance on the payout date.

b) It will not automatically backfill historical dividends. What this means is: If today you enter a buy transaction you made in 2015, it will not automatically record dividends paid out from 2015 till today since that would likely mess up your current cash balance.

However, there are some users who would like to have the history of dividends payout reflected. Hence I have added the ability to backfill historical dividends payout using "Populate Cash Balance Dividend" that is available here.

Allow me to emphasize again: By running the above, you might get an "accurate" history of cash transactions but it is not used anywhere else and will likely mess up your current cash balance (although you can easily "balance" it with a deposit or withdrawal so that it matches your current actual balance). Nevertheless, I am offering this option simply because it was requested for :)

Happy investing!


rahulm81 - Will the "backfill historical dividends payout" also change portfolio performance over the past years if the report is re-run ?
22 Jan 2018 09:29:51

evankoh - Nope. It should not affect portfolio performance. Portfolio performance is based on "Dividends Collected" instead of "Cash Balance Dividends".
22 Jan 2018 10:12:32

rahulm81 - Is it possible to allow 2 eod emails to be sent out for lifetime friends of stockscafe alone??
Ex: sgx close and us close
Kl close and us close

Mainly to help the friends who have sizeable Asian and US portfolios and since it's an added perk, keeping it limited to this set alone. Maybe help you draw more people to signup for lifetime ;)
29 Jan 2018 19:20:44

evankoh - @rahulm81, yup. Maybe I should limit it. Not sure if I even limit it to Friends only. Think I will do that. As for lifetime only, I would most likely not do so though :)
29 Jan 2018 19:32:24

heracles - Hi, my flagged to me an error that doesnt exist. It says one of my counter didnt exist in 1995 - 2015, but I do not have any transactions that includes that date.
8 Feb 2018 19:40:01

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