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By evankoh posted on 17 Apr 2018  -  43,668 views

In the next few months, there will be many AGMs for shareholders to attend to learn more about the recent financials and future plans of the company.

As some users have suggested, it would be nice to have a venue to learn when and where these AGMs are happening. And perhaps more interestingly, to be able to share thoughts, consolidate questions, or simply to know who else would be attending them.

Therefore, I have created a page and added numerous upcoming AGMs and you can see them here. As I added them manually, it is in no way a comprehensive list, so there is also a function for user to to add upcoming AGMs via this link. Please go ahead and add any AGMs that you find missing!

For every AGM created, you will be able to interact with others just like you could with a cafe post (e.g. D05).

Additionally, I have also added the ability to see all the upcoming events of your portfolio and watchlist, which includes upcoming earning release and upcoming AGMs.

Finally, you will also start to see these events in your daily emails (if you adjust your email preferences to include them).

As always, I'll be happy to hear your thoughts on this new feature.

Happy investing!


bruce - CCT(C61U) is on Apr 19
18 Apr 2018 22:31:35

financewarrior - Thanks, Evan, for creating this additional feature - very useful!
19 Apr 2018 07:29:13

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