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Updated: 18 May 2021 By evankoh posted on 18 May 2018  -  9,476 views

One question that I regularly receive is whether the lifetime friend program is still available. For those that do not know about it, previously, you could contribute a one-off amount between SGD 200-288 and become a friend of StocksCafe for as long as it exists.

While I am very thankful for the strong support, it is a very heavy commitment and hence I decided to stop offering that option.

What I have decided to do instead is to extend the referral program to be valid for life. Previously, the referral fees earned would be based only on the amount the user you referred paid in the first year, but from now on there will be no time limit. You will continue earning 20% referral fees on the amount the user you referred contributes to StocksCafe.

Technically, this means that if you refer five users who became friends of StocksCafe, you would be able to use those referral fees to fully pay for your own Friend of StocksCafe fees. Therefore, you can be friend of StocksCafe for free as long as you have referred at least five users who continue to contribute to StocksCafe.

Of course, if you have referred more than five users, you can withdraw the extra referral fees to your bank account if you prefer.

To make it easier to understand, here are a few FAQs.

Q: How much will I receive if I refer someone?
A: You will receive 20% of all amounts they contribute, forever.

Q: What can I do with the referral earnings I receive?
A: You can use it to contribute to StocksCafe to maintain your Friend status, or withdraw it to your bank account.

Q: What if I refer person A, and A refers 5 other people. A then uses his referral earnings to be a Friend for free. Will I still receive referral fees for A?
A: Yes, you will still receive 20%! Even though A is paying for his Friend status with his referral earnings, he is essentially still paying, so you will still get credited :)

Q: How to withdraw referral earnings to my bank account?
A: Simply send me a message. I can send you the money via PayNow, PayLah, or PayPal. If the withdrawal is less than SGD 50, there will be a SGD 2 admin fee. For withdrawals of SGD 50 or more, no admin fee will be charged. The main reason for doing so is simply to prevent numerous withdrawals of low amounts. Less time processing admin work means more time to work on StockCafe features! ;)

Q: How to use the referral earnings to extend my Friend status?
A: Again, simply send me a message when the referral earnings is sufficient to at least extend your Friend status for a month. I would recommend extending it for at least one year as it is more cost effective for you.

So, start referring now and become a Lifetime Friend of StocksCafe for free!


MIM - For lifetime friends, we will get the 20% straight away by referring a friend? Thank you.
18 May 2018 21:19:47

evankoh - Yes! Whenever that person contributes to StocksCafe, you would be entitled to 20% of the contribution :)
18 May 2018 21:22:44

azrael - I was always wondering the viability of the lifetime membership, though I did contribute rather close before the lifetime option was available ^^"
19 May 2018 21:34:52

evankoh - Yup. It was not a good option for me unless of course I wanted to just take many lifetime fees and then disappear :)
20 May 2018 07:05:01

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