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By evankoh posted on 24 Sep 2018  -  12,382 views

I am happy to share that I have created a forum for StocksCafe. This forum will replace the Cafe feature in StocksCafe where users would post questions and start discussions.

Why replace the Cafe feature?

As the number of features in StocksCafe continue to grow, I am having a hard time maintaining all of them. Therefore, I have decided to "slim down" StocksCafe and maintain as little features myself as possible. This new forum is based on an open source software hence I literally got it for free rather than having to code out every single feature myself.

Also, it comes with all the standard features needed to run a forum. You can now receive badges, start private conversations with several users, set a profile photo and many more. It is certainly an upgraded version of the previous Cafe feature.

What about the previous content in Cafe?

I have already migrated many content over to either the new Forum or Blogs depending on the content type.

However, I would still need you to help me migrate some of your own content over, as the Cafe will be completely removed at the end of October and any content not migrated over will be lost. Please check this link for any past content that you might have posted in Cafe and help me migrate them over (it's just a simple copy and paste). Thanks!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.

Happy investing!


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