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By evankoh posted on 25 Nov 2018  -  8,669 views

I am very sorry but as the title indicates, the last 3 days of data on StocksCafe Forum ( are lost. Please rest assured that this did not affect other StocksCafe systems and/or data at all as they are on independent servers. I am now glad that I spent the extra money to keep them separated.


The main reason is mostly due to my ignorance. I was trying to update the open source forum (i.e. Discourse forum) and somehow failed badly and had to do a roll back and the latest backup I had was 3 days ago.

How to prevent future data lost?

From this mistake, I have learnt and understood the updating processes better and believe this mistake would not happen again. However, there could always be many ways things could go wrong. Hence I have increased the backup frequency to daily so that even in the worst case, we would lose at most 1 day's worth of data.

In case you are interested, other StocksCafe systems are also backed up daily.

What you need to do in this data loss case?

Well, all messages and replies that were sent in the last 3 days are gone. If they are important, please send them again. If you are unsure when they were sent, you can always go to[your_stockscafe_username]/activity and[your_stockscafe_username]/messages/sent to see your latest activity and sent messages (replace your_stockscafe_username with your username accordingly).

Thank you for your understanding. I will continue to work hard to ensure an updated and stable StocksCafe (and Forum).

Happy investing!


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