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Updated: 21 Jul 2019 By evankoh posted on 19 Jul 2019  -  24,043 views

Dividends - be it past, upcoming, or projected - is one of the most popular features in StocksCafe. I understand how important it is for them to be updated and accurate, and with this new feature, we are one step closer to that.

Not updated and inaccurate dividends
Often, users would write to me and highlight a dividend not reflected in StocksCafe even though the company has already announced it. This is usually due to a lag in update in my upstream data provider, which takes a few working days to have the new dividends updated.

In addition, users have recently highlighted that projected dividends are inaccurate, as some companies have already announced/projected the dividends that they will pay well ahead of time. Also, some dividends are oneoff and should not be projected forward.

The Solution
To solve the above issues, users have suggested that they want the ability to add/delete dividends in order to contribute to StocksCafe. Hence, I spent some time implementing the ability to enable users to do just that.

1) Please only make edits that are official (i.e. company announcements or other official channels). In the event, the exact ExDate is not known but the company have already announced the plans for their whole year dividends, please choose the type to be "Projected".
2) Only Friends of StocksCafe can edit (i.e. add/delete) dividends.
3) Note that every edit will take effect after they have been approved.
4) I will personally review (i.e. approve/reject) every edit. If any user is found to go rogue, I will blacklist that user indefinitely. Such users will still be able to use StocksCafe but cannot make further edits (and will likely be banned from other similar features).
5) A user may at most have 20 unreviewed edits (add/delete). This number will be reset upon review of the edits.

Using DBS as an example; go to the dividend details page.
- To remove a dividend, click "Remove".
- To overwrite a dividend, click "Edit/Add"; many fields will be auto-populated. Be sure to change the dividend amount field.
- To add a dividend, also click "Edit/Add". Ensure that the ExDate and other fields are correct.

- If you made a mistake, you can go to the Override tab to undo by clicking on "Remove".
- If you tried to add a dividend and the original dividend disappeared, do not worry. Simply go through the add dividend process again to add back the dividend that disappeared. (It was designed this way for ease of overwriting the system dividends, which should make up majority of the cases)
- Please be as precise as possible. If a stock is giving out two dividends on the same ex-date, please add it as two instead of summing them together.

Bottom line: Just ensure that the information on the dividend details suggested page is accurate and what you intend for it to look like.

Let's work together to make StocksCafe better!

Updates: Initially, all edits take effect immediately. However, there are concerns of erroneous edits hence we have switched to taking effect only after approval.


bobtravs - Oh dear, that could open up a can of worms.


- Flag to users that such an action has taken place and that this is also flagged on the "Portfolio" page.

- Allow a text description so that we know why the distribution has been modified, if this could be a discussion box, then that would be better.

- Add options so that users can

1. Ignore all such mods.

2. Selectively ignore such mods on a counter basis
19 Jul 2019 23:23:23

evankoh - No need to be so pessimistic :)

I have faith in Friends of StocksCafe!
19 Jul 2019 23:38:03

piercesonny - Hi Evan. I have made the changes for DBS Dividend projections. I hv given a link where the information for quarterly dividends were announced by the Group. I found that the changes /removal were easily done. Thank you Evan for the enhancement. We can now view our projected dividends which will be more realistic.
20 Jul 2019 00:19:07

mithuprem - Thanks Evan. Looks good. Appreciate it.
DBS dividend yield is more accurate now.
20 Jul 2019 04:59:44

evankoh - @piercesonny, Thanks!
20 Jul 2019 06:35:41

bobtravs - I am being realistic.

For example, DBS has been changed. But there is no flag anywhere to say this.

There is also this phantom change

Which has been "approved", but has no data in it.

And here

It looks like I can now globally remove or edit any of the historic dividends. I didn't try, as I am not sure if I would be able to reinstate the original data.

Is this also going to affect the yield on cost a and current yield numbers in my portfolio display? If, for example, a company issues a one-off special distribution, and somebody deletes it because it is a one off.

1. How do I know it has been deleted?

2. How can I retrieve my actual yield on cost, which has presumably been reduced as an actual distribution was wiped from the system?

Basically I see the actual company data such as distributions already paid or announced as being fixed. They should not be changed or modified to according to an opinion.

I feel that if SC wants to go down this route of allowing users to modify the factual data to match an opinion, then it should be sandboxed. In this case we could have "current yield", "yield on cost" and "SC yield".
20 Jul 2019 12:11:31

bobtravs - Link above should have been¤cy=SGD&exchange=XSES
20 Jul 2019 12:12:46

MedMan - Should approved-corrected dividend changes be reflected on the stock's financial data? For example after removing the Cromwell's (extra 5%) dividend, we still see the yield as %12.36, which produces misleading results on screeners.
20 Jul 2019 12:41:43

evankoh - @bobtravs, I created a thread in forum to continue our conversation since it is easier there with proper syntax highlighting.
20 Jul 2019 13:44:42

evankoh - @MedMan, that is a separate issue. Please see this article for some context =>
This feature would not fix that.
20 Jul 2019 13:46:08

evankoh - @MedMan, although that article was written when we did not have this new feature. Assume that we can trust projected dividends more now, we might be able to fix it but using projected dividends rather than historical dividends to compute current yield. Would you mind creating a ticket to do that for trackability?
20 Jul 2019 13:57:13

mithuprem - DBS dividend is reverted back to the old value and showing higher dividend. What had happened to the changes applied by Piercesonny
23 Jul 2019 04:11:57

evankoh - It is still 1.2 in the summary =>
Just that I changed the dividend proposed by Piercesonny to type "Projected" and hence it became under my name. Anyway, I have changed it back.

I think maybe you meant the current yield is still higher than expected? That is a different ticket =>
23 Jul 2019 09:57:50

starfishx2 - Hi Evan, is this how I should take care of SCRIPS? I noticed that the dividend portion wasn't reduced even though I added SCRIP for OCBC.
23 Sep 2019 12:59:22

80227733 - Hi Evan, may I know how can I regularise the merger of Ascendas hospitality and ascott trust.
2 Jan 2020 21:55:12

bananasiong - Possible to show the source of the projected dividend?
22 Jun 2020 11:39:10

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