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By evankoh posted on 18 Oct 2019  -  20,442 views

In this article, I would like to share a renewed tool, Risk Manager. As an investor, understanding your portfolio risks is of paramount importance. Using this tool, you can see the changes to various portfolio risk metrics (i.e. Beta, Value At Risk and Expected Shortfall) after you buy (or sell) a specific amount (defaulted to SGD 5,000 but you can change it here) of selected stocks.

Why focus on Risk?
You might have realized that this is actually a simplified version of the now-deprecated iAssist tool. Previously, the iAssist tool tries to estimate both the risk and returns, and then churn out a single ranking score to see if you should buy or sell it. But I often got questions/complaints of how to properly use it due to its complexity and inability to be customized.

It is often difficult to agree on how future returns should be estimated, but estimating the risk based on the past have known and widely accepted approaches. This is why I have decided to shift the focus to just measuring risk (at least for now).

p.s.: To simulate selling, input negative values on this page to simulate selling.


numberator - very nice tool! Thanks so much for these amazing stuff! May I suggest to place the simulation value entry on the same page as the risk manager tool. So that no need to keep switching pages to try different iterations.
18 Oct 2019 19:33:41

joshandsomestuff - Yessssss, I find that risk management is an underrated component that many neglect in the world of investing.
19 Oct 2019 00:20:44

angelzsoul - to complement with screener,
should we have a tick box beside those stocks that are generated in screener so that we can like "select all" or "tick" those stocks we want and add into a watchlist so we can use this tool to test the watchlist?
19 Oct 2019 01:07:16

evankoh - @angelzsoul Sounds good. Can you make a feature request for that? Thanks!
19 Oct 2019 17:05:23

takingstock - Like the new version. 5k is a lot more manageable, and I find it easier to absorb the new stats (var / es) when planning ahead for my next purchases
21 Oct 2019 22:58:16

waywalker - Hi, what does the % for the New Portfolio stand for? Thanks.
16 May 2020 23:35:22

evankoh - @waywalker Hi, it means the weight in % for that stock after you purchase that stock.
19 May 2020 04:17:14

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