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Updated: 25 Nov 2019 By evankoh posted on 25 Nov 2019  -  19,632 views

In my opinion, one unique feature of StocksCafe is the ability for users to feedback directly and influence StocksCafe. While I cannot promise that all feature requests are met, I do read through every single feature request and consider them.

Below are two feature requests from users that I have recently implemented that I would like to highlight. (FYI I most certainly worked on more than two improvements/bug fixes in the last 2-3 weeks.)

1) Ability to share selected portfolio
Previously, you either choose to share all your portfolios or none of them. Now, you can share a selected portfolio. Simply choose which portfolio to share on this page.

2) Personalizable stock profile page
In StocksCafe, the stock profile page lists various fundamental indicators (~50) of a stock. However, that can be overwhelming and unnecessary as it is unlikely that any investor looks at all of them to make their investment decisions. Therefore, we have now made the Stock Profile page personalizable.

Go to any stock profile page (e.g. DBS) and click on "Adjust Display Metrics" to choose your favorite indicators to display.

Bonus for advanced users: You can now go back in time to see the historical Stock Profile page simply by adding the parameter date=YYYY-MM-DD in the url (e.g. DBS on December 31st 2018)

Thank you all again for suggesting improvements and reporting bug fixes! Please continue to do so.

Happy investing!


joshandsomestuff - Awesome stuff!
25 Nov 2019 13:32:26

CommonSenseInvestor - Sharing selected portfolio is cool - thanks!
25 Nov 2019 13:44:47

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