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By evankoh posted on 6 Mar 2020  -  22,432 views

I am happy to share that StocksCafe can now fully support Tokyo Stock Exchange! You should be able to use all the features that are available for Tokyo as well. This brings the total number of supported exchanges to six (SGX, HKEX, KLSE, USX, LSE and TSE!)

One thing to note though is that I was unable to locate good English sources for news and blogs that covers the Tokyo market. So if you know of any, please let me know!

Why Tokyo?
I believe several users might ask why Tokyo was chosen over other exchanges like Australia. (FYI Tokyo and Australia were the top 2 requested exchanges for StocksCafe to support) Well, it is mostly because I am actually already paying for Tokyo data as it is included in my data package. As for Australia, I was told that I needed to pay extra USD500+ a month for EOD access. As such, Australia support is unlikely to happen for now.

What's next?
The next two most likely candidates would be Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges. Although I am already paying for the data access for these markets as they are included in my data package, it still requires my time and energy to support them as it would mean more things to aggregate, store, maintain etc. And this all adds up to time that would take me away from working on other things like answering queries, bug fixes, feature upgrades/additions, etc.

Anyway, feel free to let me know what is the next exchange you would love to see StocksCafe support! (except Australia unless you are willing to pay extra for accessing it)

In the meantime, enjoy the new Tokyo addition!


nanoframe - Awesome! Thanks a lot Evan!
6 Mar 2020 14:46:19

warriortan - Congrats!
7 Mar 2020 16:20:38

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