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By evankoh posted on 13 Jul 2020  -  14,492 views

Last year, I met up with Kenny from MyStocksInvesting. Despite it being the first time we met, we hit it off well. In that meeting itself, we decided to work together to build a REIT screener combining his REIT knowledge and my software skills.

In this post, I would like to share what we have built in collaboration. There are basically four main components at this point:

1) [Free] REITs Overview - This component allows us to have a quick overview of the recent REITs' performance via a Heat Map. It also features two graphs that would enable you to see the Total Market Capitalization trend of REITs (both overall and by sector).

2) [Free] Basic Screener - This color-coded table enables investors to rank and filter all SGX-listed REITs via various metrics.

3) [Paid] Comprehensive Screener - This is essentially an upgrade of the basic screener with all the important metrics you would need to evaluate REITs. They include occupancy rate, Weighted Average Debt Maturity (WADM), and Weighted Lease Average Expiry (WALE), among others.

4) [Paid] REIT page (e.g. CapitaMall Trust) - Every REIT page gives you a comprehensive overview of the REIT and historical values of various metrics (e.g. Gearing, P/NAV etc).

Please note that [Paid] here refers to Kenny's REIT subscription and not Friend of StocksCafe's subscription. This is because this is a collaboration with Kenny, and many of the numbers used are manually curated from quarterly reports by Kenny and his team.

If you are keen to learn more about Kenny or REITs' outlook during this COVID-19 period and beyond, please register for the free webinar that will be held on Tuesday 14 July 2020 (8-10 pm SGT) where Kenny will be speaking. Note that registration is required as there are limited seats available.

As always, we are happy to hear any feedback, comments, and questions to iterate on this collaboration.

Happy investing!


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