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By evankoh posted on 31 Jul 2020  -  6,738 views

A feature that has been requested by various users is the ability to tag stocks. With that, one would be able to group stocks by their own definitions and a wide variety of possibilities would open up.

One specific application would be to look at what percentage of your portfolio is in various groupings (for example, you can now see what percentage of your portfolio are made up of dividend stocks, etc). You now have the freedom to tag stocks freely and view the distribution of your custom portfolio grouping.

Here is how to do that:

1) Create your grouping type name (e.g. My Groupings).

2) On this page, click the dropdown box on the top left and select "My Groupings".

3) You should then see 100% as "Unclassified". Click on the "Unclassified" link.

4) You can then edit the "Tag" column for each stock to whatever name you prefer. Each stock can only have one tag. Click on the "Save Changes" button when you are done.

5) Repeat step 2 to see the distribution of your portfolio based on groupings you defined.

Go ahead and try out the feature and I believe it should be pretty straightforward. Also, you can check out the demo portfolio for visualization. (Note: You need to be logged out or use an incognito window to view the demo account)

As always, feedback is welcome.

Happy investing!


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