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By evankoh posted on 3 Aug 2020  -  13,299 views

One benefit of collaborating with Kenny is that I am becoming more knowledgeable about REITs and get updated on the recent developments.

It seems like a student accommodation REIT is about to be listed in Singapore and there will be a webinar soon where Kenny and the fund manager will be sharing more about it. Kenny invited me, and I decided to share this with StocksCafe users.

Date: 5 August 2020, Wednesday
Time: 8 - 9.30 pm, SGT
Price: Free
Agenda Outline:
- Overview of Singapore REIT sectors performance
- Case study of specialized REIT (i.e. Keppel DC REIT)
- Introduction of Student Accommodation REIT
- REIT investment opportunities

As seats are VERY LIMITED for the Zoom webinar, please register soon if you are interested.

Happy investing!


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