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Updated: 1 Oct 2020 By evankoh posted on 20 Sep 2020  -  5,084 views

Note: This collaboration is still ongoing. Please see this page for details.

This is a friendly reminder that the special promotion to celebrate the collaboration between Tiger Brokers and StocksCafe will be ending soon on 30 September 2020, 11.59pm.

For those who are seeing this for the first time, you will be able get 1 year Friend of StocksCafe (worth SGD 39) simply by opening and funding a Tiger Brokerage account before 30 September 2020, 23:59 via StockCafe's referral link. If you would like to participate, please start the process early. To be fair to everyone, the ending date and time of this promotion will be strictly adhered to.

Everyone who signs up via this referral link (whether before or after 30 September) will be given 1 year of Friend of StocksCafe for every SGD 300 that is paid in fees to Tiger Brokerage as trades are made. This means that you can potentially use StocksCafe for free forever, as long as you continue to use Tiger Brokers as one of your main trading/investment platform.

For more information about Tiger Brokers and this collaboration, please refer to the original article here.

To show your support for StocksCafe, please feel free to share this promotion with others who might be interested!

ps: There is an ongoing promotion by Tiger Brokers. If you fund your account at least SGD2001, you will get SGD30 stock voucher and SGD5001 will get you SGD50 stock voucher etc. Note that it is limited to first transfer only.


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