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By evankoh posted on 25 Oct 2020  -  2,642 views

We often have different ideas and strategies that we would like to try out. However, it would be too costly in terms of both money and time to test every single strategy live.

What we need is a backtesting tool that can easily let us know how our wild ideas and strategies would turn out if we actually did deploy them.

Recently, StocksCafe established a collaboration with PyInvesting, a powerful backtesting tool to help investors backtest their own investment strategies.

Furthermore, with PyInvesting, you are able to go beyond backtesting. Once you backtest and find a strategy that you like, you can go live with it. PyInvesting will regularly send you emails about the orders that you should be making for your chosen strategy.

In collaboration with StocksCafe, you can also track your live strategy performance easily.

As part of our collaboration, you will receive a special 30% discount on PyInvesting’s monthly subscription fees by signing up through this StocksCafe referral link. The first month is free and you can cancel anytime, so there is no risk in trying it out. Sign up today!

Disclaimer: StocksCafe will receive referral fees if you become a paid member of PyInvesting.


evankoh - Q: Is the pricing for PyInvesting in USD or SGD?
A: It is in USD.

Q: Is the 30% discount perpetual?
A: Yes, there are no end date to the discount. So, it is perpetual until PyInvesting decides to change that.
26 Oct 2020 19:22:28

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