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By evankoh posted on 7 Dec 2020  -  9,726 views

StocksCafe x Morningstar

StocksCafe recently signed a deal with Morningstar. In case you have never heard of Morningstar, here is a wiki article about them. Basically, Morningstar is an established company that provides a wide array of products and services to both retail and institutional investors.

With the recently signed deal, StocksCafe will now be getting financials data directly from Morningstar. It is a significant improvement from what StocksCafe currently has as the number of metrics will increase from less than 100 to more than 500. Furthermore, the historical data will increase from 5 years to more than 30 years.

Basically, whatever financials data that you can find in Morningstar will be available to StocksCafe. You can compare the differences here: Morningstar's Apple vs StocksCafe's Apple. You might have noticed that StocksCafe is still missing many metrics. It is just because there are so many of them that I am still in the midst of porting everything over.

In addition, the deal also included London exchange. So StocksCafe will finally have fundamental data for London-listed companies (e.g. GSK).

The main limitation is that all these financials data only include companies and not ETFs / Mutual Funds.

What's next?

1) I will continue to work on the financials page ( example) such as adding more metrics, grouping the metrics for easier viewing and including all features that are currently available in the profile page ( example).

2) The profile page will eventually be deprecated (end of life will be March 2021).

3) Screener will also be updated to use data from Morningstar. I will announce in another article once that is ready.

I hope you are as excited as I am to be switching over to Morningstar for more comprehensive financials data in StocksCafe!

Happy investing!


seekingprivatereturn - Welcome the news as Morningstar is one of the industry’s standard. Just wondering if price data of unit trust/mutual funds are included in your package?
7 Dec 2020 07:38:33

MillennialSGDad - Thanks for making this happen. Always knew that would grow bigger right from Day 1. Appreciate all your hard work on this.
7 Dec 2020 09:08:04

whkoh - Wow, fantastic news Evan. Thanks for the work to make this happen.
7 Dec 2020 09:55:34

zentuj - Fantastic, awesome job Evan!
7 Dec 2020 10:00:08

chiamster - Thanks Evan! From a portfolio mgmt tool to become something bigger and more comprehensive for us investors!
7 Dec 2020 11:15:00

Aditya - This is fantastic news Evan! A deal with Morningstar is something really to be excited about. Cant wait to see what changes you bring in with this integration! Great news... :)
7 Dec 2020 11:34:46

cks - StocksCafe is getting better and better. Really appreciate your work.
7 Dec 2020 12:34:35

fhkiang04 - Awesome! Really appreciate your effort, Evan.
7 Dec 2020 13:17:28

CommonSenseInvestor - Solid, swee ah !!!
7 Dec 2020 14:32:59

CommonSenseInvestor - Waiting for the day StocksCafe become a brokerage, $0 comm and fees, please =P
7 Dec 2020 14:33:16

evankoh - @all Thanks :)

@seekingprivatereturn Nope. Did not get that. But it does seems like Morningstar have everything. It is just a matter of how much I can afford to pay :)
7 Dec 2020 14:46:43

seekingprivatereturn - @evankoh, hopefully StocksCafe gets bigger and we can afford that! integrate all the funds that we are invested in into the Portfolio function as well :D
7 Dec 2020 15:13:50

yhy - Hi @evankoh, just realised that some of the values from Morningstar are not represented well in the Financials tab. Using Apple's Income Statement as an example, revenue for 2019 09 (Morningstar) and 2019 Q3 (StocksCafe) are the same, but 2020 03 (Morningstar) and 2020 Q1 (StocksCafe) are different, as for StocksCafe version it is actually adding up the values from the previous quarter as well.
7 Dec 2020 17:22:57

yhy -®ion=usa&culture=en-US&ownerCountry=USA

Just checked via the two links above
7 Dec 2020 17:23:23

evankoh - @yhy Thanks. Let me look into it carefully.
7 Dec 2020 18:58:10

evankoh - Btw, created a ticket for track-ability and transparency ->
7 Dec 2020 19:00:09

wyekitkat - Awesome, thanks for making this happen Evan. Looking forward to an even better platform experience!
8 Dec 2020 15:06:03

si4ng6 - Great news for all friends. Thanks Evan for the effort!
9 Dec 2020 23:32:01

CaveatEmptor - You are awesome Evan! I have been cross referencing data sets from morning-star separately along with your own data as morning-star is more comprehensive in some areas. Looking forward to your continual innovations in stocks-cafe
13 Dec 2020 22:16:54

christopherwongyy - thanks Evan, keep up the good work!
14 Dec 2020 22:02:33

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