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By evankoh posted on 17 Apr 2021  -  2,461 views

StocksCafe participated in its first event - Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2021 last weekend!

To those who attended StocksCafe's workshop, a big, BIG THANK YOU! I was told that there are some of you who purchased tickets to the event just to show support for StocksCafe's workshop...! Hearing that makes all the hard work on StocksCafe all worth it! Thank you so much! As this is my first public speaking in a while, I was quite nervous. I will do better next time!

For those who did not not attend, here's a peek into some behind the scenes:

I would have loved the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded investors (especially those who use StocksCafe ;) so it is unfortunate that this year the event is purely virtual. Let's hope that the next time the event is held, it will be in person!

Until then!



kpo - You did well Evan! Practice makes perfect, just present again for 2022, 2023... Hahaha.
17 Apr 2021 18:58:41

leegeorge - Glad to have been part of it! Hopefully the COVID situation can settle down enough such that next time there's chance for an in-person meeting :)
17 Apr 2021 21:27:23

evankoh - @kpo Yup. Hope to continue the collab with Seedly!

@leegeorge Yes, hopefully the vaccines will successfully make COVID to be just another flu.
18 Apr 2021 08:59:52

elessarr - good job bro! Hope to catch you in person next time.
18 Apr 2021 09:33:08

tombolofish - Is there a URL to watch the video?
18 Apr 2021 10:11:15

MillennialSGDad - Looking forward to meeting you in person even though I felt like we have been ‘working together’ for quite a few years already...
18 Apr 2021 23:03:58

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