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By evankoh posted on 28 Sep 2021  -  2,222 views

Since I started StocksCafe (SGXCafe then), I easily spent over 90% of the time on building the product. However, for a company to be sustainable and grow, building the product is only part of the equation. It is equally, if not more important, to put effort into marketing and representing the product properly.

This is especially true for StocksCafe. As StocksCafe becomes more feature-loaded, it can become more overwhelming for new people to learn how to use StocksCafe. People will only subscribe to StocksCafe if they can easily understand how it can benefit them.

Therefore, we have decided to start a YouTube channel that will focus on two main topics: "How to Invest" and "How to Invest with StocksCafe".

We hope to benefit not only those who are new to StocksCafe, but also current users who may not be fully utilizing StocksCafe either because they don't know how to, or perhaps don't even know the existence of some features. We chose videos over text because we felt that for these topics, it might be easier to demonstrate via videos than through text.

Just like how StocksCafe is built based on listening to user feedback, we hope to continue the tradition and create videos based on what you want to know or learn. So if there is anything that comes to mind, whether it's a feature in StocksCafe, or just investing in general, head over to our YouTube channel and comment on what video you would like to see next if it isn't there yet! While you're at it, it would make us extremely happy if you subscribed as well :) Making videos is so much harder than coding!

Happy investing!


takingstock - Have you thot of doing some discussions on the channel?
1 Oct 2021 13:34:32

evankoh - Yup. That is something that came up during brainstorm. Anyway, what kind/style/contents of discussion did you have in mind?
8 Oct 2021 08:03:42

takingstock - For starters, maybe you can invite some frequent users / volunteers to talk about their favourite features of StocksCafe, a little round table discussion. That's definitely unique content and will sell the app / system.
Need to think a little if beyond that, coz quite a lot of people doing financial content on Youtube too. Competition a bit fierce if want to stand out...
8 Oct 2021 20:48:09

ohioblue - I second the features focus. Especially showing uses of the features as part of the investing process (simple things like yields, currencies, the various screeners). There are just a few that come to mind.
9 Oct 2021 04:09:12

evankoh - @takingstock @ohioblue - That was one of the ideas we had. Run a "How I invest with StocksCafe" series. Sounds like I have got two volunteers for that series already :)
9 Oct 2021 09:58:45

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