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By evankoh posted on 13 Oct 2021  -  522 views

I am happy to share that StocksCafe now supports Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and Indian National Stock Exchange (NSE)!

This brings the total number of supported exchanges in StocksCafe to 10 - SGX, HKEX, KLSE, USX, LSE, TSE, SHE, SHG, BSE, and NSE! Of course, in addition to that, we also support Cryptocurrencies and Singapore Savings Bonds.

If you know anyone that is investing in any of the above markets, do share with them on how StocksCafe can help them in their investing journey. Of course, you would also get 20% of whatever they contribute. See our referral program for details.

Note: For BSE and NSE, we currently only have End of Day and Dividends data. However, we will certainly add the currently missing fundamental data for them if there is enough interest.

Happy investing!


mcloo88 - Great - could you please put EuroNext on the waitlist....
14 Oct 2021 18:19:27

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