Blog Post  To Sleepydevil: Making good use of your time in NS
This post is dedicated to Sleepydevil, who is enlisting soon.
During this period, you may find it more comfortable to follow the herd and allow your mind to stagnate. In this piece, I hope to encourage you to focus on maintaining or, even better still, to improve and allow your mind to flourish.
There will be pockets of free time here and there. There will be weekends for you to pursue your interests. The point is to incorporate bits and pieces of self-improvement into these pockets of free time. Push yourself a little each day and, over the 2 years, your hard work will surely compound. The key is moderation, so that you will develop into a well-rounded person. I am sure this is not new to you, so let me share a few examples to get you all ...

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