TSE:1440 - Yamazen Kaihatsu Co Ltd Yamazen Kaihatsu Co Ltd
Sector: Consumer Discretionary, Industry: Homebuilding
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2017 Q3 2018 Q1 2018 Q3 2019 Q1 2019 Q3 2020 Q1 2020 Q3 Graph
Total Assets [friend] [friend] 3.52B 3.33B 3.22B 3.22B 3.94B
Current Assets [friend] [friend] 2.43B 2.24B 2.09B 2.09B 2.53B
Cash Equivalents [friend] [friend] 449.32M 211.32M 241.16M 241.16M 789.49M
NonCurrent Assets [friend] [friend] 1.09B 1.09B 1.13B 1.13B 1.41B
Total Liabilities [friend] [friend] 3.04B 3.01B 2.85B 2.85B 3.55B
Current Liabilities [friend] [friend] 2.44B 2.48B 2.27B 2.27B 1.9B
NonCurrent Liabilities [friend] [friend] 603.72M 529.75M 572.58M 572.58M 1.65B
Total Equity [friend] [friend] 482.02M 312.37M 372.38M 372.38M 389.85M
Stockholders Equity [friend] [friend] 482.03M 312.37M 372.38M 372.38M 389.85M
Minority Interest [friend] [friend] - - - - -
Values are in JPY whenever applicable | Fiscal year ends on July 31
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