HKEX:3639 - Yida China Holdings Ltd Yida China Holdings Ltd
Sector: Real Estate, Industry: Real Estate Development
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Balance Sheet Cash Flow Income Statement Key Ratios
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2013 Q4 2014 Q2 2014 Q4 2015 Q2 2015 Q4 2016 Q2 2016 Q4 2017 Q2 2017 Q4 2018 Q2 2018 Q4 2019 Q2 2019 Q4 2020 Q2 2020 Q4 2021 Q2 Graph
Total Assets [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 43.09B 43.16B 43.87B 47.5B 45.47B 44.61B
Total Liabilities [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 31.25B 30.99B 31.34B 34.67B 33.15B 32.02B
Total Equity [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 11.37B 11.71B 11.86B 12.15B 12.03B 12.3B
Operating CashFlow [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 2.91B 5.16B 5.04B 2.55B 3.15B 4.04B
Investing CashFlow [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] -1.25B -899.29M -1.56B -3.66B -2.83B 525.77M
Financing CashFlow [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] -2.07B -3.96B -3.53B 850.77M -782.96M -4.76B
Beginning Cash Position [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 1.48B 525.39M 1.08B 823.28M 1.03B 568.4M
End Cash Position [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 1.08B 823.28M 1.03B 568.4M 572.24M 375.27M
Free CashFlow [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 2.86B 5.1B 5.01B 2.52B 3.1B 3.98B
Total Revenue [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 7.36B 7.55B 6.08B 5.46B 5.2B 5.31B
Net Income (Cont Operations) [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 1.49B 1.37B 1.31B 1.27B 536.48M 701.73M
Diluted Net Income [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 833.92M 670.02M 450.16M 449.28M 172.58M 146.38M
Diluted EPS [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 0.32 0.257 0.17 0.17 0.07 0.06
Net Margin [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 11.34% 8.87% 7.41% 8.23% 3.32% 2.76%
Return On Equity [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 7.54% 5.92% 3.88% 3.77% 1.44% 1.2%
Return On Assets [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 2.08% 1.54% 1.04% 0.99% 0.39% 0.32%
Values are in CNY whenever applicable | Fiscal year ends on December 31
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