SHG:605117 - Ningbo Deye Technology Co Ltd Ningbo Deye Technology Co Ltd
Sector: Consumer Discretionary, Industry: Home Furnishings
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2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Graph
Total Revenue [friend] [friend] 1.69B 2.57B 3.02B
Cost of Revenue [friend] [friend] 1.37B 2.03B 2.34B
Gross Profit [friend] [friend] 324.33M 543.87M 684.56M
Total Expenses [friend] [friend] 1.57B 2.27B 2.57B
Operating Expense [friend] [friend] 199.27M 244.28M 228.17M
Operating Income [friend] [friend] 125.06M 299.59M 456.4M
Net Income (Cont Operations) [friend] [friend] 102.66M 259.71M 382.45M
Net Income [friend] [friend] 102.02M 259.71M 382.45M
Diluted Net Income [friend] [friend] - - -
Basic EPS [friend] [friend] 0.8 2.03 2.99
Diluted EPS [friend] [friend] 0.8 2.03 2.99
Values are in CNY whenever applicable | Fiscal year ends on December 31
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