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Singapore shares fall at open tracking Wall St selloff; STI down 0.1%

21 Feb 2020 - The Business Times
SINGAPORE shares opened lower on Friday, after Wall Street indices ended in the red overnight. As at 9.02am, the benchmark Straits Times Index had slipped 4.26 points or 0.1 per cent to 3,194.42. Decliners outnumbered advancers 78 to 59, after about 77.7 million securities worth S$75.9 million changed ...
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Singapore shares fall 0.5% as Budget euphoria wanes

20 Feb 2020 - The Business Times
THE Singapore stock market took a slight retreat on Thursday as the post-Budget euphoria began to wane and concerns over global growth resumed centrestage. The benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) opened at 3,217.54 before closing at 3,198.68, down 0.47 per cent or 15.03 points. Gainers and losers were ...
sgx:d05 sgx:g13 sgx:h78 sgx:j69u klse:0080 klse:3182 sgx:p40u sgx:c38u sgx:c31 sgx:awx sgx:bs6 klse:7146 sgx:tq5 sgx:c6l sgx:v03 sgx:so7 hkex:2888 sgx:n2iu sgx:o39 sgx:u11

Singapore stocks: STI resumes Thursday afternoon down 0.5% on day

20 Feb 2020 - The Business Times
SINGAPORE shares reversed course to trade in negative territory on Thursday afternoon, losing 15.89 points or 0.5 per cent to 3,197.82 as at 1pm. Decliners outnumbered advancers 177 to 170, after about 839.7 million securities worth S$559.4 million changed hands. Among the most heavily traded counters, ...
sgx:z74 sgx:d05 sgx:so7 sgx:c09 sgx:c70 usx:grr sgx:bs6 sgx:o39 sgx:s68

Singapore shares fall at Tuesday's open, STI down 0.3%

18 Feb 2020 - The Business Times
SINGAPORE stocks opened lower on Tuesday following muted activity in the region as US financial markets close for a holiday. Singapore's Straits Times Index headed down 0.3 per cent or 10.74 points to 3,202.26 as at 9.03am. Losers outnumbered gainers 87 to 39, after 76.2 million securities worth S$68.8 ...
sgx:d05 sgx:g13 klse:0080 klse:3182 usx:grr sgx:c52 sgx:c31 sgx:bs6 sgx:546 sgx:avm sgx:z74 sgx:c6l sgx:so7 sgx:f9d sgx:p8z sgx:cc3 sgx:o39 sgx:u11

Singapore stocks: STI resumes Friday afternoon up 0.15% on day

14 Feb 2020 - The Business Times
SINGAPORE shares resumed trading in positive territory on Friday afternoon, with the Straits Times Index gaining 4.71 points or 0.15 per cent to 3,224.80 as at 1pm. Gainers outnumbered losers 179 to 128, after about 783.6 million securities worth S$546.6 million changed hands. AusGroup was the most ...
sgx:5gj sgx:z74 sgx:d05 sgx:so7 klse:0080 usx:grr sgx:cc3 sgx:no4 sgx:bs6 sgx:o39 sgx:b2f sgx:s58

Singapore shares rebound after strong session overnight on Wall St

11 Feb 2020 - The Business Times
ASIAN equities recovered from Monday's slide due in part to a strong showing on Wall Street, where the main benchmarks hit record highs. Singapore's Straits Times Index (STI) clawed back most of the previous session's losses to close 12.42 points or 0.4 per cent higher at 3,175.57. Elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific, ...
sgx:d05 klse:0080 usx:grr sgx:bs6 sgx:s59 sgx:c6l sgx:so7 sgx:1h3 sgx:cjlu hkex:3988 sgx:u10 sgx:o39 sgx:u11

Singapore shares open lower on Friday; STI down 0.75%

7 Feb 2020 - The Business Times
SINGAPORE shares pulled back at Friday's open despite rallies on Wall Street and Europe overnight. The Straits Times Index lost 0.75 per cent or 24.25 points to 3,207.30 as at 9.05am on Friday. Losers outnumbered gainers 97 to 55, after about 80.8 million securities worth S$77.7 million changed hands. ...
sgx:546 sgx:d05 sgx:so7 klse:0080 sgx:c09 sgx:c70 usx:grr sgx:u96 sgx:bs6 sgx:o39 sgx:u11

Singapore shares edge up at Wednesday's open; STI up 0.03%

5 Feb 2020 - The Business Times
SINGAPORE stocks inched up in the first few minutes of trade, as investor concern over the novel coronavirus started to wane, along with a strong showing on Wall Street and Europe. The Straits Times Index gained 0.03 per cent or 0.93 point to 3,157.50 as at 9.03am on Wednesday. Gainers outnumbered ...
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Singapore shares open higher following US market gains; STI up 0.79%

4 Feb 2020 - The Business Times
SINGAPORE shares opened higher on Tuesday after US markets rebounded overnight following Friday's rout. The Straits Times Index gained 24.64 points or 0.79 per cent to 3,140.95 as at 9.03am. Gainers outnumbered losers 89 to 43, after 58.6 million securities worth S$68.1 million changed hands. Watch-list ...
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Singapore shares tumble at open after Wall St falls on virus fears; STI down 2.25%

28 Jan 2020 - The Business Times
SINGAPORE shares sank at the opening bell on Tuesday after Wall Street finished markedly lower overnight on fears the coronavirus might impact global economic growth. On the first trading day after the long Lunar New Year weekend, the Straits Times Index shed 73 points or 2.25 per cent to 3,167.02 as ...
sgx:d03 sgx:d05 sgx:g13 sgx:m44u lse:boe klse:0080 klse:3182 usx:amzn sgx:bs6 sgx:546 sgx:qs9 sgx:z74 sgx:crpu sgx:so7 sgx:5ox usx:aapl sgx:o39 sgx:u11