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Stellar Results at CapitaMall Trust

24 Oct 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
CapitaMall Trust (SGX: C38U), or CMT, our sunny island’s first and largest real estate investment trust, saw a 9.1% increase in its gross revenue year-on-year to S$182.4 million for third quarter of 2013 (3Q 2013). The increase was mainly due to higher rental income from JCube, Bugis+ and The Atrium@Orchard, ...

Bad News For Income Seekers

23 Oct 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
First some good news. Singapore consumers expect the rate of inflation to fall next year. The latest Singapore Index of Inflation Expectations (SInDEx) reveals that the public believes that the inflation rate could fall from 3.99% to 3.92%. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news, though, is that ...
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Investing Without Emotions

24 Sep 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
In this article, we answer another Foolish question asked by one of our readers. He asked, “How to trade without emotions?” Here at Motley Fool, we encourage long-term investing in strong companies. Trading is more short-term oriented and such as, does not pave the way for the compounding effects that ...
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Five Investing Lessons From A Great Football Manager

20 Sep 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Sir Alex Ferguson presided as manager of the English football club Manchester United (affectionately nick-named the Red Devils) for 27 years from 1986 to 2013 and delivered phenomenal success by winning 38 trophies during his tenure. Along the way, the victorious exploits of the Red Devils captured ...
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Where Next After Mid-Autumn Merriment

19 Sep 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
September 19, 2013 will not only be remembered for being the day when moon cakes are consumed with relish but also the day that market traders relished Ben Bernanke’s unexpected announcement that he will not be dialling back his stimulus program. The Federal Reserve chief wrong-footed just about everyone by ...
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Five Facts CapitaMall Trust’s Investors Need To Know

17 Sep 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
CapitaMall Trust (SGX: C38U), a subsidiary of shopping mall developer and owner CapitaMalls Asia (SGX: JS8), is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that specialises in owning retail malls in Singapore. It is part of the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) and is the only REIT within the index’s 30 components. ...
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3 Blue-Chip Companies Flirting With 52-Week Lows

5 Sep 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Walter J. Schloss is an investment manager that Warren Buffett once called a superinvestor. Schloss studied under Benjamin Graham in 1935 and started his own fund in 1955. One of the criteria Schloss looks out for before investing, among others, is whether the price of the company is near the 52-week ...
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Four Facts CapitaMalls Asia’s Investors Need To Know

4 Sep 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Shopping mall developer, owner, and manager CapitaMalls Asia (SGX: JS8), or “CMA”, recently released presentations slides that it had prepared for the Europe, Tokyo & North America Non-Deal Roadshows. The slides gave some great details about the company’s business model and its future plans. Here are ...
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Are You Prepared For A Bear Market?

29 Aug 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
For those wanting to know if Singapore’s markets will enter a bear market – normally defined as one where the market’s fallen by 20% – I’m sad to say I have no clue. The market might yet bounce and reach new heights starting from tomorrow. But the thing is, who knows? As far as I can tell, there isn’t ...
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Three Shares That Lost to the Market Today

24 Jul 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
The Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) gained 0.7% today to 3,275points, building upon yesterday’s 0.6% increase. Matex International’s (SGX: M15) shares declined 7.8% to $0.118. Last week, the specialty chemicals manufacturer, whose products are used in the making of natural as well as synthetic fabrics, ...
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