SGX:D38 - CDW (SGD 0.137) 11 Followers CDW HOLDING LIMITED
Sector: Electronic Technology, Industry: Electronic Components

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1 Small Bargain That May Hide Some Big Risks

22 Jun 2016 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Precision electronic components manufacturer CDW Holding Limited (SGX: D38) is one tiny stock in Singapore’s market given its market capitalisation of just S$67.9 million. But, it looks to be a big bargain, at least on the surface. You see, the company’s net current asset value (total current assets ...

Finding Hidden Gems from Small Cap Stocks

15 Sep 2015 - The Motley Fool Singapore
A company with a market capitalisation of less than S$100 million can be considered as a small cap stock. Typically, investors view small caps as stocks that possess more growth opportunities, though the investing risks involved can be higher than those of more established companies. Most of the companies ...
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Is This Share - With A 7.8% Dividend Yield - A Good Dividend Stock?

14 Apr 2015 - The Motley Fool Singapore
A high dividend yield would always be welcome. But, good dividend stocks need not necessarily have a yield that’s high right now – what’s more important is for the share to have strong business fundamentals as that can help drive its payouts higher in the future. With that, what might we make of CDW ...
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Electrical Equipment companies average 16.6% YTD gain

10 Sep 2013 - The Motley Fool Singapore
There are common themes that link together the stocks from different industries and sectors across Asia. An example of this was the Mineral, Oil & Gas companies which averaged 6% gain in August as discussed last week. This week we turn to a group of 18 SGX Mainboard companies which derive more than ...
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