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An Investor’s Guide to the Straits Times Index

25 Mar 2015 - The Motley Fool Singapore
The Straits Times Index (SGX:^STI) measures the value of 30 of the biggest stocks listed in Singapore. These include some of Singapore’s biggest businesses such as the three locally incorporated banks, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SGX:Z74) and Keppel Corporation (SGX:BN4). Like the Dow Jones Index ...
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An Analysis of the Straits Times Index’s Benchwarmers

12 Aug 2014 - The Motley Fool Singapore
It’s not a secret that the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) is made up of 30 of some of the largest shares listed in Singapore. However, do you know that the STI also has a reserve list of companies which are next in line to become an index component if something happens to any one of the current 30? ...
sgx:c31 sgx:k17 sgx:a17u sgx:js8 sgx:t82u sgx:tq5 sgx:u14 sgx:f99 sgx:bs6 sgx:c61u sgx:ns8u sgx:^sti

This Company Needs a Particular Acquisition to Succeed - But Will It Go Through?

1 Jul 2014 - The Motley Fool Singapore
In recent months, there have been a slew of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) going on in Singapore. Besides the consolidation going on with real estate companies such as Hotel Properties (SGX: H15), CapitaMalls Asia (SGX: JS8) and Singapore Land (SGX: S30), there are also a chain of reverse takeovers with ...
sgx:5ts sgx:5nh sgx:y07 sgx:js8 sgx:h15

3 Shares That Beat the Market Today

11 Jun 2014 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Although we don’t believe in timing the market or panicking over market movements, we do like to keep an eye on changes — just in case they’re material to our investing thesis. The Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) followed yesterday’s decline with another 0.1% drop to 3,290 points. Within the index’s ...
sgx:c31 sgx:ms7 sgx:c41 sgx:js8 sgx:^sti

CapitaMalls Asia Says Good-Bye: What Would Investors Be Missing?

6 Jun 2014 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Earlier this April, CapitaLand (SGX: C31) had launched a takeover bid for its majority-owned subsidiary CapitaMalls Asia (SGX: JS8). Yesterday, CapitaLand announced that it has achieved effective control of more than 90% of CapitaMalls Asia. That’s an important control-threshold as CapitaMalls Asia’s ...
sgx:au8u sgx:c31 sgx:c38u sgx:js8 sgx:d1r

What To Do When A Takeover Fizzles

3 Jun 2014 - The Motley Fool Singapore
There are few things more exhilarating in investing than to own shares in a company that receives a takeover approach. It invariably means instant profits are on offer. But just as a takeover approach can be massively uplifting, a failed or scotched buyout can be deeply disheartening as the share price ...
sgx:c31 sgx:js8 sgx:o32 sgx:g05

Important Differences between City Development and CapitaLand That Investors Have To Know

3 Jun 2014 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Sometimes when we have a sector that we’re interested in investing in, there’d be a dilemma when it comes to choosing which company we’d want from within the sector. For investors interested in real estate outfits, here are some key differences to note between two of the largest property developers in ...
sgx:a68u sgx:c31 sgx:js8 sgx:c09 sgx:j85

What Does a Recent Change in the Straits Times Index Mean For Investors?

2 Jun 2014 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Last Tuesday, it was announced that there would be changes made to the constituents of Singapore’s widely-quoted stock market barometer, the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI). The current version of the index was launched in Jan 2008 and is being built and maintained by a trio of companies: 1) FTSE, a ...
sgx:c31 sgx:a17u sgx:c38u sgx:js8 sgx:^sti

Would CapitaLand’s Investors Be Getting A Good Deal by Paying More for CapitaMalls Asia?

16 May 2014 - The Motley Fool Singapore
In a deal that might see CapitaLand (SGX: C31) spend around S$3.2 billion, the real estate company (one of the largest in Asia) had just upped its offer for its majority-owned subsidiary CapitaMalls Asia (SGX: JS8). CapitaMalls Asia represents the bulk of CapitaLand’s operational interests in pan-Asian ...
sgx:c31 sgx:js8

CapitaLand’s Paying More for CapitaMalls Asia: What Does This Mean for Investors in CapitaMalls Asia?

16 May 2014 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Earlier this morning, Asian real estate giant CapitaLand (SGX: C31) announced two key changes to its privatisation offer for CapitaMalls Asia (SGX: JS8) that was first revealed in April. What has changed in the offer? The first key change concerns the price that CapitaLand’s willing to pay for CapitaMalls ...
sgx:c31 sgx:js8