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Sector: Finance, Industry: Real Estate Development

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SGD 9.5    +0.0 (+0%)
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14 Jun 2019


14 Jun 2019

52 Wk Range: 0.0 - 0.0

Day's Range: 9.5 - 9.5

Last Volume: 0

Last Close: SGD 9.5

Current Yield: 0%

Future Yield: [Friends Only]

Dividend Strength: [Friends Only]

14 Jun 2019

Metric S2D S.Median
Beta 0 0.22
VaR NA 25.03
E.Shortfall 0 35.73
Liquidity NA 104.85K


13 Jun 2019

PE: 6.21

Market Cap: 459.7M

Price Over Book: 0.722

Price Over Sales: 0.62

Return On Assets: 20.3%

Return On Equity: 54.4%

NAV Over Price: [Friends Only]


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No description found.


Founded Year: 1950

Employees: 431

Shares Outstanding: 48.4M

Security Type: Stock

Sector: Finance

Industry: Real Estate Development

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