StocksCafe was created originally as a personal project to help me make better investment decisions. I decided to share it because it grew to a project where I believe many can benefit from. I am constantly working on StocksCafe to make it better.

Feel free to reach out to let me know how it can improve to better assist you.


I am someone who is passionate about investing. I hold a PhD in a field related to data analysis, and possess software skills which allows me to build StocksCafe.


For me, I use StocksCafe for three main tasks:

1) Discover interesting stocks
Currently, I do this via recommendation algorithms (available after free sign up) and Screener. The recommendation algorithms makes personalized recommendation based on your portfolio leveraging on Modern Portfolio Theory and other information.

Screener allows me to filter stocks based on a wide variety of fundamental and/or technical metrics.

2) Better understand a company
After identifying interesting stocks, I need to learn more about them. StocksCafe collects and presents a wide variety of information about any company listed in SG, US, HK and MY (e.g. DBS).

3) Analyze & manage portfolio
StocksCafe has one of the best portfolio management tools for the Singapore market. In addition to having the standard metrics for portfolios such as P&L, beta and cost breakdown, etc, there is also a wide variety of other information related to portfolio such as dividends, news, announcements, and more for you to manage your portolio easily.

Why sign up with StocksCafe?

There are three main themes in StocksCafe:

  • Discovery
  • Management
  • Monitoring

For non-registered users, you only have access to tools in Discovery. This means that you are missing out on at least 70% of what StocksCafe offers.

Registration is free, so why not sign up now?

Why is StocksCafe free? Read this article to learn more.
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Deciding what stock to buy/sell is always tough. Discovery tools aim to assist you in tackling this tricky problem. There are two sub-themes here: 1) Discover interesting stocks among the ten of thousands stocks listed in Singapore, United States, Hong Kong and Malaysia. 2) Discover or learn more about a particular stock.

Having the ability to manage your portfolio is essential to anyone who invests. Management tools focus on helping you manage and understand your portfolio. One popular feature within it is the ability to auto-compute collected dividends based on your transaction history.

Before and after purchasing a stock, we would often want to monitor them. Monitoring tools allow you to do this easily. The most prominent of them would be the Market Update Emails. These emails allow you to easily keep track of your portfolio, your watchlist, and the market in general.