What is StocksCafe?

An intelligent and easy-to-use portfolio tracking and management tool for investors.

Portfolio Management

Effortlessly manage and track stocks, complete with detailed performance analysis.

Dividend Tracking

See at a glance all dividends collected, as well as upcoming dividends.

Screener Tools

Screen for stocks according to specific metrics you set, or use our ready-made screeners.

We Can Help You

Face any of these problems?
Here's how StocksCafe can help.

"It's a pain to manually keep track of my portfolio in spreadsheets"

If you are still doing this, please stop today. There is a much easier and more convenient way to manage your portfolio: StocksCafe.

"I don't know what stocks to buy"

Our Screener tool can help you screen for stocks according to the criteria you set. The number of metrics available for selection number more than 100! Or use the ready-made screeners for a quick start.

"Portfolio management tools are so expensive!"

Stop paying hundreds of dollars a year on portfolio management or screener tools. We offer fully-featured tools at a fraction of traditional prices. Check the pricing section below for our competitive prices.

"I wish I could feedback directly to the developers"

Want to request a feature or report something amiss? At StocksCafe, we are a close-knit community where you can directly reach the founder and developer. We are always listening to feedback and always improving.

How it Works

It is very easy to start tracking your portfolio!

Input Transactions

Enter transaction details of your stock holdings.

Personalize Settings

Customize how what updates you want to receive, and how often.

That's it!

From here on, let StocksCafe do the heavy lifting!


A more detailed look at the key features available on StocksCafe.

Portfolio Management

Intelligent tools that automatically track and keep your portfolio updated.


Track other assets and liabilities (like insurance plans or mortgages) for a complete picture of your finances.

Dividend Tracking

See at a glance all the dividends you have collected and will be collecting.


View them in graphs, and even see the breakdown by year, month, sector, industry, and stock.

Email Updates

Forget manual checking. Your portfolio's performance will be sent straight to you at the end of every trading day.


Set alerts for stocks in your watchlist, which will notify you when the condition is triggered.

Portfolio Report

Analyze your portfolio and understand how it is performing.


Calculate your net worth and find out how far you are from achieving financial freedom.

Screener Tools

A powerful and constantly improving Screener with more than 100 metrics to choose from.


Customize your own shortlists, or use the publicly shared screeners.


Have questions? Ask it on the forum to the thousands of active StocksCafe users!


Have an idea for StocksCafe to improve your investment journey? Share it with Evan and it might be built!


View the full list of features here.


Don’t take our word for it. See what others are saying about StocksCafe.

Overall, this is a simple and easy to use platform. It's free to use so no harm giving it a try if you're an investor also."

Previously, I have tracked my portfolio using Excel and VBA to get live stock quotes from Yahoo Finance. However, that was a tedious and awkward way to track and share your own portfolio [compared to using StocksCafe].

One of the features I like about the Stocks Cafe’s stock screener is the ability to receive email alerts.

Meet the Team

You might be surprised, but StocksCafe is mostly a one-man show!

Evan Koh

Founder, CTO, Support, and everything in between i.e. saikang warrior


Head of Employee Happiness


StocksCafe is free to use!

You can upgrade at any time if you decide you need more features.

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  • Unlimited Transactions
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  • Unlimited Transactions
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  • Full Access Portfolio Profile
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  • Daily Email Updates
  • Portfolio Report + Anytime Portfolio Update
  • Export Transactions
  • Vote for Upcoming Features
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Got questions? We’ve got answers.
If you have other questions, check the forum or send us a message.

Why should I pay to become a Friend if there is a free tier?

The free tier allows you to try out StocksCafe to see if it suits your investment needs. If you decide it is for you, being a Friend will give you access to all the features in StocksCafe.


Please click here to see the list of differences between the free and Friend tiers.

How can I become a Friend of StocksCafe for free?

We have in place referral programs that grants you Friend status upon successful sign up.


Click here to view the details of our insurance partnership


Click here to view the details of our partnership with Saxo, an award-winning trading platform.

What are all the features in StocksCafe, and will there be more added?

View all the features currently available here.


And yes, new features are continuously added! As a Friend, you can suggest and vote for features that matter to you.

What payment options are there?

You can choose to pay via any of the following:

  • Credit card / Paypal
  • PayLah!
  • Bank transfer (Singapore only)

StocksCafe App

Easily access a quick view of your portfolio while on the go.

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Note1: Only for the first 100 days from joining StocksCafe.
Note2: More benefits for Friend of StocksCafe will be added in future.