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Upsized Webull Rewards - 26 Sep 2022

Since the announcement about StocksCafe’s collaboration with Webull, many users welcomed the collaboration and have signed up with Webull via StocksCafe’s referral link. Hence, we have decided to upsize the rewards just for the month of September! If you sign up with Webull via StocksCafe’s referral ...

Two sectors to watch out for as interest rates continue to rise - 24 Sep 2022

The spread of the deadly coronavirus impacted not only the day-to-day lives of everyone, but was just as harmful to the economy. Economic activity came to a grinding halt and the monetary policy strategy employed by many countries to reinvigorate the economy was to cut interest rates. Now that the situation ...

Webull x StocksCafe - 20 Sep 2022

TLDR; Sign up with WeBull* and get USD 130 worth of TSLA shares, 2 years of StocksCafe subscription and SGD 10 Grab Vouchers. When I first started StocksCafe, it was a pet project and my intention was to share it freely but it soon became too costly to run it due to data licensing. Still, I am always ...

StocksCafe Now Supports T-Bills! - 19 Sep 2022

Due to the recent bearish market, many investors are looking for safer opportunities. It seems like the popular investment among many StocksCafe users now are T-Bills. After receiving several requests for StocksCafe to support them, I decided to spend my weekend implementing a simple way for StocksCafe ...

Are the 3 Biggest US Stocks Worth Buying? - 9 Sep 2022

The US stock market is home to some of the most famous stocks in the world, such as McDonald’s Corp (NYSE: MCD), Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX), and Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE). Many may not know, but the US market also contains the world’s biggest companies by market capitalisation. The top four largest ...

MooMoo x Stockscafe - 1 Sep 2022

We are very pleased to share that StocksCafe has now partnered with yet another brokerage powerhouse, Moomoo (listed in the US as FUTU). Moomoo is a powerful investing app with all the functionality that you expect from a modern investing platform. It is also regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore ...

Singapore Multi-Billion Fund’s 3 Major US Bets - 29 Aug 2022

Temasek is one of two sovereign wealth funds in Singapore. Since its inception in 1974, some 48 years ago, Temasek’s total shareholder return (TSR) stood at an annualized rate of 14%, which is commendable. In comparison, the MSCI World Index has posted a yearly return of around 8% since 1987. Even though ...

Celebrate Fabulous 40 with Evan! - 2 Jul 2022

The founder of StocksCafe turns 40 in July! In the spirit of celebration, StocksCafe will be having never-before-seen promotions! For new paying users: Get 40% off your first paid subscription. Go to the pricing page to check out the new discounted pricing. For those who have paid for a subscription ...

One Click To Handle Stock Splits - 1 Jul 2022

Recently, several popular US companies have underwent or will be having stock splits (e.g. AMZN, GOOG, SHOP). How to handle stock splits In StocksCafe, the “correct” way to handle stock splits are to simply create two transactions on the split date. Example: Amazon recently had a stock split on 6 June ...

A Piece of Cake - 17 Jun 2022

A slice of Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake contains 1,679 calories and 51 teaspoons of sugar, and even though it sounds (and is!) unhealthy, most of us would just consume it without much thought. What if we could “project” the impact of the chocolate cake on your overall health before your consumption? ...

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