Id Name
0x zrx 0x Protocol
1inch 1inch 1inch
aave aave Aave
acala aca Acala
acala-token aca Acala Token
adax adax ADAX
akash-network akt Akash Network
akroma aka Akroma
alchemy-pay ach Alchemy Pay
aleph aleph
aleph-zero azero Aleph Zero
algorand algo Algorand
allianceblock-nexera nxra AllianceBlock Nexera
amp-token amp Amp
anchor-protocol anc Anchor Protocol
ankr ankr Ankr Network
apecoin ape ApeCoin
apollo-dao apollo Apollo DAO
aptos apt Aptos
arbitrum arb Arbitrum
arweave ar Arweave
astroport astroc Astroport Classic
ata-token ata ATA Token
atlo atlo Atlo
audius audio Audius
avalanche-2 avax Avalanche
avaocado-dao avg Avocado DAO
axie-infinity axs Axie Infinity
balancer bal Balancer
banano ban Banano
band-protocol band Band Protocol
basic-attention-token bat Basic Attention
beethoven-x beets Beethoven X
binance-usd busd Binance USD
binancecoin bnb BNB
bitcoin btc Bitcoin
bitcoin-cash bch Bitcoin Cash
bitdao bit BitDAO
bittorrent btt BitTorrent
blockstack stx Stacks
brokkr bro Brokkr
cardano ada Cardano
cartesi ctsi Cartesi
casper-network cspr Casper Network
celo celo Celo
celsius-degree-token cel Celsius Network
cere-network cere Cere Network
chainlink link Chainlink
chiliz chz Chiliz
chromaway chr Chromia
clearpool cpool Clearpool
coin-capsule caps Ternoa
compound-coin comp Compound Coin
compound-governance-token comp Compound
cosmos atom Cosmos Hub
covalent cqt Covalent
creo-engine creo Creo Engine
crogecoin croge Crogecoin
crypto-com-chain cro Cronos
curve-dao-token crv Curve DAO
dai dai Dai
darwinia-network-native-token ring Darwinia Network
dash dash Dash
decentraland mana Decentraland
defi-kingdoms jewel DeFi Kingdoms
defi-land dfl DeFi Land
defichain dfi DeFiChain
dei-token dei DEI
deus-finance-2 deus DEUS Finance
digibyte dgb DigiByte
dodo dodo DODO
dogecoin doge Dogecoin
dogelon-mars elon Dogelon Mars
dos-network dos DOS Network
dydx dydx dYdX
ecomi omi ECOMI
efinity efi Efinity
elrond-erd-2 egld MultiversX
enjincoin enj Enjin Coin
eos eos EOS
ergo erg Ergo
ethereum eth Ethereum
ethereum-classic etc Ethereum Classic
ethereum-name-service ens Ethereum Name Service
ethereum-pow-iou ethw EthereumPoW
fantom ftm Fantom
fantomstarter fs FantomStarter
fetch-ai fet
filecoin fil Filecoin
flow flow Flow
foreverbnb fbnb ForeverBNB
frax-share fxs Frax Share
frontier-token front Frontier
ftx-token ftt FTX
gala gala GALA
gemini-dollar gusd Gemini Dollar
gene gene Gene
genopets gene Genopets
gmx gmx GMX
governance-zil gzil governance ZIL
gremlins-finance grem Gremlins Finance
grim-evo grim evo Grim EVO
guildfi gf GuildFi
harmony one Harmony
havven snx Synthetix Network
hedera-hashgraph hbar Hedera
helium hnt Helium
holotoken hot Holo
hooked-protocol hook Hooked Protocol
human-protocol hmt HUMAN Protocol
ice-token ice Popsicle Finance
icon icx ICON
illuvium ilv Illuvium
immutable-x imx ImmutableX
injective-protocol inj Injective
insurace insur InsurAce
internet-computer icp Internet Computer
jasmycoin jasmy JasmyCoin
jpeg-d jpeg JPEG'd
juno-network juno JUNO
kadena kda Kadena
klay-token klay Klaytn
klima-dao klima KlimaDAO
kucoin-shares kcs KuCoin
kujira kuji Kujira
kyber-network kncl Kyber Network Crystal Legacy
kyber-network-crystal knc Kyber Network Crystal
lido-dao ldo Lido DAO
liquiddriver lqdr LiquidDriver
litecoin ltc Litecoin
litentry lit Litentry
lithium-finance lith Lithium Finance
llamaverse spit Llamaverse
loopring lrc Loopring
magic magic Magic
maker mkr Maker
mantra-dao om MANTRA
mars-protocol mars Mars Protocol
mask-network mask Mask Network
matic-network matic Polygon
mdex mdx Mdex (HECO)
merit-circle mc Merit Circle
metal mtl Metal DAO
metis-token metis Metis
mina-protocol mina Mina Protocol
mirror-protocol mir Mirror Protocol
mirrored-apple maapl Mirrored Apple
mobox mbox Mobox
monaco mco MCO
monero xmr Monero
my-neighbor-alice alice My Neighbor Alice
nano xno Nano
near near NEAR Protocol
neo neo NEO
nervos-network ckb Nervos Network
nexo nexo NEXO
nexus-governance-token psi Nexus Protocol
nft-worlds wrld NFT Worlds
nimiq-2 nim Nimiq
numeraire nmr Numeraire
oasis-network rose Oasis Network
oath oath OATH
onering ring OneRing
ontology ont Ontology
opendao sos OpenDAO
optimism op Optimism
origintrail trac OriginTrail
orion-money orion Orion Money
orion-protocol orn Orion Protocol
osmosis osmo Osmosis
paid-network paid PAID Network
pancakeswap-token cake PancakeSwap
parachute par Parachute
pax-gold paxg PAX Gold
penguin-karts pgk Penguin Karts
plato-game plato Plato Game
pluton plu Pluton
polkadot dot Polkadot
prism-protocol prism Prism Protocol
pylon-protocol mine Pylon Protocol
qash qash QASH
qredo qrdo Qredo
radicle rad Radicle
raydium ray Raydium
redacted btrfly Redacted
reef reef Reef
reef-finance reef Reef Finance
ref-finance ref Ref Finance
render-token rndr Render
republic-protocol ren REN
request-network req Request
reserve-rights-token rsr Reserve Rights
ribbon-finance rbn Ribbon Finance
ripple xrp XRP
route route Router Protocol
safemoon-2 sfm SafeMoon
safuu safuu SAFUU
saitama-inu saitama Saitama
savage savg SAVAGE
secret scrt Secret
serum srm Serum
shade-protocol shd Shade Protocol
shiba-inu shib Shiba Inu
siacoin sc Siacoin
skale skl SKALE
smooth-love-potion slp Smooth Love Potion
solana sol Solana
solape-token solape SOLAPE
spell-token spell Spell
spiritswap spirit SpiritSwap
sriracha-inu sriracha Sriracha Inu
ssv-network ssv SSV Network
stader sd Stader
stargate-finance stg Stargate Finance
starterra stt StarTerra
stellar xlm Stellar
stepn gmt STEPN
storm stmx StormX
superfarm super SuperVerse
sushi sushi Sushi
swarm-bzz bzz Swarm
sweatcoin sweat Sweatcoin (Sweat Economy)
swipe sxp SXP
swissborg chsb SwissBorg
switcheo swth Carbon Protocol
synapse-2 syn Synapse
synapse-network snp Synapse Network
syscoin sys Syscoin
tellor trb Tellor Tributes
temple temple TempleDAO
terra-luna lunc Terra Luna Classic
terra-luna-2 luna Terra
terra-virtua-kolect tvk The Virtua Kolect
terrausd ustc TerraClassicUSD
tether usdt Tether
tether-gold xaut Tether Gold
tezos xtz Tezos
the-graph grt The Graph
the-sandbox sand The Sandbox
theta-token theta Theta Network
thorchain rune THORChain
thorstarter xrune Thorstarter
thorswap thor THORSwap
thorwallet tgt THORWallet DEX
threshold-network-token t Threshold Network
tokenize-xchange tkx Tokenize Xchange
tron trx TRON
troy troy TROY
truefi tru TrueFi
trustswap swap Trustswap
unibright ubt Unibright
uniswap uni Uniswap
universe-token uni UNIVERSE Project
usd-coin usdc USD Coin
valkyrie-protocol vkr Valkyrie Protocol
vechain vet VeChain
venus xvs Venus
verasity vra Verasity
vethor-token vtho VeThor
vulcan-forged pyr Vulcan Forged
waltonchain wtc Waltonchain
weth weth WETH
white-whale whale White Whale
wine-shares wine Wine Shares
wink win WINkLink
woo-network woo WOO Network
wrapped-bitcoin wbtc Wrapped Bitcoin
xcad-network xcad XCAD Network
xio xio Blockzero Labs
xsgd xsgd XSGD
xyo-network xyo XYO Network
yearn-finance yfi
yield-guild-games ygg Yield Guild Games
zcash zec Zcash
zebec-protocol zbc Zebec Protocol
zilliqa zil Zilliqa

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