Become a Friend of StocksCafe StocksCafe started as a personal project to help me in my financial freedom journey. I started to share it publicly because I believed other people with similar goals will also find it useful.

In 2016, StocksCafe faced a tremendous obstacle in the form of massive licensing costs that caused operating costs to balloon from just less than $100 a year to more than 5 digits a year.

But we pulled through thanks to the incredible support from the community, and is also the reason why we are still here today.

By contributing, you will:
1) Join a strong community of 2,390 investors to keep StocksCafe going
2) Have full access to all the features in StocksCafe except tools under Collab (see table below)
(Other readworthy articles: The True Cost of Being Free and Why StocksCafe will switch to contribution mode).

For a limited time (till 30 September 2020)
You can upgrade to Friend of StocksCafe for free! Simply sign up with Tiger Brokers through StocksCafe. Read this article for more details.

Basic User (Free)
Friend of StocksCafe
Asset Management
Net Worth & Financial Freedom Index
Asset Listing
Asset Transactions
Payments/Dividends/Interests Records
Portfolio Management
Supported Exchanges Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tokyo,
United States, London
Portfolio Transactions
Portfolio Tracking & Statistics
Dividends Tracker & Projection
Daily Email Updates
Portfolio Report
Multiple Portfolios
Priority in Receiving Daily Email
Export Transactions
Weekly Automated Data Export (via Email)
Anytime Portfolio Report Update
Daily Alerts (via Email)
Active Alerts
Stocks in Watchlist
Portfolio Profile
Full Access
Stocks Discovery
Risk Manager
Updates Weekly
Updates Daily & On-Demand
Full Access
Dividend Strength
Full Access
Future Yield
Full Access
Stocks Profile Page
Full Access
Vote for Upcoming Features
Friends-Limited Articles
Kenny REIT Screener (Free)
Kenny REIT Screener (Comprehensive)
Note1: For the first 100 days from signing up.
Note2: More benefits for Friend of StocksCafe will be added in future.


StocksCafe is free to use!
Becoming a Friend will give you access to all StocksCafe features.
3 Years

$4.90 / month
($3.25 / month)

About 30% off!
($2.75 / month)

About 40% off!
All prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

Note: Monthly = 30 days access, Annual = 365 days access and 3 Years = 3 x 365 days access from activation date.


1. Credit Card / Paypal (Recommended)

a) Login to StocksCafe before clicking any Paypal buttons below so that your username will be automatically captured.
b) Choose one of the following options to contribute securely through Paypal (which also accepts major credit cards).
c) After you contribute, Paypal's server will send a secure message to StocksCafe's server and your status will be updated within minutes.

Note: Paypal buttons are hidden because you are not logged in. Please login.

2. PayLah!
PayLah QR code a) Enter your StocksCafe username in the message box after scanning the QR code.
Note: Some users forget to enter their username, which leads to delays in starting their Friend access
b) Send me a message to notify me of the contribution and I will follow up within 1-2 days.

Other ways to be a Friend of StocksCafe:

We have affiliate programs where you can become a Friend of StocksCafe without directly contributing money to StocksCafe.

  1. Sign up with Tiger Brokers via StocksCafe and potentially have full access to StocksCafe for free forever! Please read this article for more details.

  2. Try out Saxo's trading plaform and get 5 years of Friends of StocksCafe. Please read this article for more details.