Become Friends of StocksCafe By Contributing


Why are you asking for contributions?
Due to licensing costs, StocksCafe operating costs have ballooned from several tens of dollars a year to several tens of thousands of dollars a year. For more information, please read this article, The True Cost of Being Free.
Latest: Why StocksCafe will switch to contribution mode from 2018 onwards.

Why should I contribute?
1) You will join a strong community of 1,396 investors who have also contributed to StocksCafe.
2) You will have full access to all features in StocksCafe (see table below). No catch. No upsell.

Basic User (Free)
Friend of StocksCafe
Asset Management
Net Worth & Financial Freedom Index
Asset Listing
Asset Transactions
Payments/Dividends/Interests Records
Portfolio Management
Supported Exchanges Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, Malaysia
Portfolio Transactions
Portfolio Tracking & Statistics
Dividends Tracker & Projection
Daily Email Updates
Portfolio Report
Priority in Receiving Daily Email
Export Transactions
Weekly Automated Data Export (via Email)
Anytime Portfolio Report Update
Watchlist Alerts (via Email)
Stocks in Watchlist
Portfolio Profile
Full Access
Stocks Discovery
Updates Weekly
Updates Daily & On-Demand
Full Access
Dividend Strength
Full Access
Future Yield
Full Access
Stocks Profile Page
Full Access
Vote for Upcoming Features
Friends Limited Articles
Note: With free unlimited asset management, you can manage and track all your assets (including stocks) in StocksCafe for free!
Note1: Only for the first 300 days from joining StocksCafe.
Note2: More benefits for Friend of StocksCafe will be added in future.


There are three plans to choose from:

  • Monthly Plan: SGD 4.9 a month
  • Annual Plan: SGD 39 a year (SGD 3.25 a month or >30% OFF) #MostPopular
  • 7 Years Plan: SGD 215 for 7 years (SGD 2.56 a month or >45% OFF) #MostSavings
Note: Monthly = 30 days access, Annual = 365 days access and 7 Years = 7 x 365 days access from activation date.

Also, there are three different payment methods available. Please choose whichever is most convenient.

1. Via PayLah!
a) Please enter your StocksCafe username in the message box after scanning the QR code below.
Note: Many users forget to enter their username and it is difficult to know who contributed :(
b) Please send me a message notifying me of the contribution and I will follow up within 1-2 days.
PayLah QR code

2. Via bank transfer
a) Simply perform a bank transfer to DBS / POSB Savings Account 126-60412-2 (Account Name: Koh Chuan Hock) with your StocksCafe username as sender name.
b) Please send me a message notifying me of the transfer and I will follow up within 1-2 days.

3. Via credit card or Paypal
a) Please login to StocksCafe before clicking any paypal buttons below so that your username will be auto-registered.
b) Choose one of the following options to contribute securely through Paypal (which also accepts major credit cards).
c) After you contribute, I will be notified by Paypal and I will follow up within 1-2 days.

Are there other ways to contribute to StocksCafe?
Yes, there are referral programs with available where you can become Friends of StocksCafe without directly contributing money to StocksCafe.

  1. Review your insurance policy and if you do purchase any, you can get up to ten years of Friends of StocksCafe. Please go to here for details.

  2. Simply try out Saxo's trading plaform and get five years of Friends of StocksCafe. Please read this article for more details.