STOCKSCAFE STORY StocksCafe started as a personal project to help me invest better in my financial freedom journey. I started to share it publicly because I believed other people with similar goals will also find it useful.

In 2016, StocksCafe faced a tremendous obstacle in the form of massive licensing costs that caused operating costs to balloon from just less than $100 a year to more than 5 digits a year.

But we pulled through thanks to the incredible support from the community, and is also the reason why we are still here today.

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BEHIND THE SCENES My name is Evan, and I am very passionate about investing.
I hold a PhD in a field related to data analysis, and have a background in software engineering, all of these in combination allows me to build StocksCafe.

CONCEPT I envisioned and built StocksCafe to provide 3 key insights:
  1. Insight into your Portfolio
    Being able to measure and understand the true performance of our portfolio is important because it tells us if our investment strategy is working for our goals.
    StocksCafe is one of the best portfolio management tools available. Besides having the standard metrics for portfolios such as P&L, beta and cost breakdown, the risk of a portfolio is also calculated.
    Key monitoring tools include Alerts and Market Update emails. These emails allow you to easily keep track of your portfolio, your watchlist, and the market in general.
  2. Insight into the Market
    Deciding what stock to buy or sell is always challenging. We built a powerful screener to assist us in tackling this tricky problem.
    With the Screener, we can discover stocks among several ten of thousands stocks listed in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, United States, London, Shenzhen, and Shanghai by filtering stocks based on a wide variety of fundamental and/or technical metrics.
  3. Insight into a Stock
    After identifying interesting stocks, we would want to learn more about them. StocksCafe partners with Morningstar to presents comprehensive financial information about any company listed in SG, MY, HK, JP, CN, UK, and US (e.g. APPLE).
    In addition to financial information, StocksCafe also has a wide variety of other information such as dividends, news, blogs, and more.

WHY YOU SHOULD SIGN UP The best way to see how StocksCafe can improve your investing journey is by signing up for free and experiencing it for yourself.
Thousands of investors like yourself have tried and love StocksCafe, and we are confident that you will, too.

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"Overall, this is a simple and easy to use platform. Its free to use so no harm giving it a try if you're an investor also."  —  SG Young Investment

"Previously, I have tracked my portfolio using Excel and VBA to get live stock quotes from Yahoo Finance. However, that was a tedious and awkward way to track and share your own portfolio (compared to using SGXcafe)."  —  The Magic Formula

"I found SGXcafe to be easy to navigate and has all the useful information at one glance."  —  Turtle Investor

"After fiddling with it for the past week, I have been impressed by the intuitive, user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing features on its platform."  —  My 15 Hour Work Week

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