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By evankoh posted on 15 Dec 2020  -  19,912 views

New Pricing
StocksCafe will be revising its pricing from 1 Jan 2021. It will be SGD 5.5 / 45 / 115 for monthly / yearly / 3 years respectively. So if you are still considering whether or not to become a Friend of StocksCafe, this is your chance to get it before the price increase!

Time flies. The annual price of SGD 39 was introduced 3 years ago on 1 Jan 2018. Back then, StocksCafe supported only three exchanges (namely SGX, KLSE and HKEX). Today, StocksCafe has more than doubled that by supporting 8 exchanges. In addition, there have been numerous new features released since then such as Other Assets, Native Mobile App, Better FX handling and more.

Of course, the reason for the price increase is not simply because of more features. It is mainly because the cost of operating StocksCafe has also more than doubled since 1 Jan 2018 largely due to increase in data licensing and server costs. Furthermore, as you might know, I am working on StocksCafe only part-time. However, StocksCafe has simply too much work to have only one person work on it part-time. It is time to prepare for hiring help and potentially turning myself full-time in future.

Use StocksCafe for FREE
Everyone loves free stuff but as investors, we all know that nothing is truly free. Everything comes with a price and somebody has to pay the price. The good news is that there are companies (i.e. brokers) willing to pay for StocksCafe on your behalf in exchange of you using/trying their platform.

1) Tiger Broker collaboration - Sign up via StocksCafe and fund your account before 31 Dec 2020 to get 6 months free. Furthermore, for every SGD 300 in commission that you pay to them, you will get 1 year of StocksCafe subscription. Learn more here.

2) Saxo collaboration - Sign up via StocksCafe and make at least one trade. Then you will get 5 years of StocksCafe subscription. Learn more here.

I believe (and hope) that even with the slight price increase, StocksCafe still provides significantly more value than its price for you. Of course, if that is not the case, I am more than happy to hear how StocksCafe can become more valuable and useful in your investing journey!

Happy investing!


tyjiunn - Evan, what does this mean for current members whose subscription won't end till 2021?
15 Dec 2020 13:59:54

pamp - Can I renew my membership in advance before the increased fees? (membership dues Oct 2021)
15 Dec 2020 14:39:20

2018huathuat - Can I renew my membership in advance before the increased fees? (membership dues Jan 2021)
15 Dec 2020 15:27:48

cks - I'm not sure about others, but I see as the best porfolio management website for retail investor. The value is much much more worth than the price.

Really appreciate your dedication of time in doing this.
15 Dec 2020 19:41:33

coldede - I just renewed a 1yr subscription recently. If I buy the 3 year plan now, will it extend to 1+3 year?
15 Dec 2020 21:07:13

evankoh - @tyjiunn You can either choose to renew earlier (possible as long as your subscription left is less than a year) or just wait till 2021 though the price would go up then :)

@pamp @2018huathuat Yes, you can as long as your subscription left is less than a year.

@cks Thanks :)

@coldede Yes, that is possible as long as your remaining subscription is less than a year. And yes, it will extend to be 1+3. I am not so evil ;)
15 Dec 2020 23:12:31

rhema - The price increase is v reasonable. Thank you Evan for sharing this gem you have, and always improving it. I wish I know some coding in help!
16 Dec 2020 10:42:32

inviere - hi Evan, if i'm looking to subscribe as a new member this year at 39, does it mean next year when i renew i'll be paying 45? thanks
17 Dec 2020 17:27:15

b2f - just extended +3.
reasonably price platform and great support !!!!
18 Dec 2020 10:14:34

ileoz - reasonable price still; thanks Evan!
18 Dec 2020 13:02:53

peritexo - Hi Evan, will you consider reintroducing the 7 years subscription option in future? If I renew my subscription after 3 years, I will definitely prefer a lengthier subscription so I don't have to renew every 3 years and also contribute more to stockscafe to help it grow :)
18 Dec 2020 13:50:48

swb90 - does this change anything for people who had subscribed earlier at the locked-in/lifetime price?
i think it was $35 or something previously?
currently have a 7 year sub till 2026
22 Dec 2020 19:38:32

zzsg - If I already have a 7 year sub previously and sign up with Tiger Brokers - will my subscription automatically be extended (i.e for 6 months, then when hit $300 commission?)
24 Dec 2020 20:11:14

elessarr - Hi bro @evankoh
1) --> Maybe update this page soon?
2) My cycle will renew June 2021. How do I sign up now to lock in the price so it deducts correctly in June next year, before price increases?

25 Dec 2020 18:19:44

evankoh - Looks like a lot of messages here. Let me PM everyone!
26 Dec 2020 19:15:18

kendo - If I have more than a year remaining, can I add to my subscription?
28 Dec 2020 11:09:35

aldred84 - Hi @evankoh, could I extend my subscription now before my current subscription ends? Would like to lock in the price before price hike. Thanks
30 Dec 2020 23:23:34

bryansim - @evankoh - How do I renew now ? My subscription ends Aug 2021.
1 Jan 2021 20:49:22

rhema - @evankoh, how to subscribe to lifetime membership?
3 Jan 2021 10:29:10

petra - Hi Evan,
Great job, great platform. Has helped me to organize my investments and dividends in a more coherent manner. Have been recommending friends to try Stockscafe.
Please renew my membership for 3 years when it expires in March this year.
3 Jan 2021 14:22:13

evankoh - @bryansim You can goto this page. You can always extend as long as your current subscription has less than one year left ->

@rhena Lifetime subscription is no longer available :(

@petra Thank you for referring your friends :) Unfortunately, I cannot set it to renew 3 years on PayPal for you. I have since switch to stripe (Stripe is significantly more powerful and flexible compared to PayPal and is cheaper in fees). I will need you to subscribe again using this page in March ->
3 Jan 2021 16:28:06

botakzai - &evankoh, Hi Evan, I have recently renewed my subscription to 3 yrs (via Stripe) before my current 1yr subscription (via Paypal) ends. However, I was being charged via Paypal when the superceded 1yr subscription expires & auto renewed. Kindly assist. Thanks!
10 Jan 2021 00:48:32

evankoh - @botakzai, ahh.. Let me PM you.
10 Jan 2021 23:45:32

slayer1 - @evankoh, my subs expire on the first week of May. Can I just renew than for 3 years?
14 Jan 2021 10:15:59

astellezzz - thanks for still keeping it affordable Evan (: appreciate your hard work ^^
30 Jan 2021 13:57:28

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