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[Game] Beat The Market

Can you beat the market? Put your skills to the test!

As an investor, we would like to be able to pick stocks that can outperform the market (i.e. STI ETF).
Otherwise, it would be easier to simply invest in index that tracks the market.

In every round of this game, you will be presented the fact sheet of five different stocks on different dates.
Based on that information, do you think this stock's performance will outperform the market in a year's time?
(performance includes both capital and dividend gains in the one year period)

Decide what you will do:
Ignore: This stock won't perform better than the market
+1 for the correct answer
Invest: This stock will perform better than the market
+1 for the correct answer
Invest Big Big: Yes, this stock will definitely perform better than the market!
+3 for the correct answer, -3 for the wrong answer

Challenge yourself and have fun! And see if your analysis (or gut feeling) brings you to the top of the ranking boards!

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