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Why should I share StocksCafe?
StocksCafe is completely free to use and intends to stay free. For this to happen, advertising revenue needs to be able to cover the licensing costs which runs several tens of thousand of dollars a year.

To generate sufficient advertising revenue, a healthy amount of traffic, which also means a large number of users, is important. By sharing StocksCafe with others through your blog social media platforms, you are helping spread awareness of StocksCafe and keeping it free. As of August 2016, StocksCafe advertising revenue is only able to cover 25-30% of the cost.


How to share using Facebook?
Simply click on the share button below to share StocksCafe on your Facebook. Also, don't forget to like us!

How to share if you have a blog?
There are two ways where you can share via your blog.

1) If you are currently sharing your portfolio in your blog, you might want to consider using StocksCafe's portfolio sharing feature which is a convenient yet powerful way to share your portfolio. See how other bloggers (e.g. here and here) use it.

2) If you simply want to write a blog post that includes StocksCafe, please let me know so that I can credit you here.