Bond yield curve inverts, as traders fear tighter liquidity

9 Jun 2017 - South China Morning Post
China’s regulatory efforts to curb lending in the financial markets are causing traders to dump short-term bonds, creating a rare inversion in the Chinese Treasury Bond yield curve. A normal yield curve slopes upwards because longer-dated bonds should carry higher returns than shorter-dated ones, to ...

Here’s what Xi Jinping’s new Silk Road can learn from the Marshall Plan

9 Jun 2017 - South China Morning Post
The sky over Beijing was a crisp, dark blue. With the arrival or 29 foreign leaders for the Belt & Road Summit last month, officials had made every effort to clear the air and roll out a bright red carpet. Representatives from over 60 participating countries came to discuss China’s grand initiative: ...

NBA exploring a separate China eSports league as it says 'sky's the limit'

7 Jun 2017 - CNBC
According to a May report by IHS Markit, total hours viewed in the eSports video genre exceeded 6 billion globally in 2016 — an increase of 19 percent from 2015 — with China by far the largest market, accounting for 57 percent of all viewing last year. IHS Markit said the number of video streams delivered ...

US says China likely to build more overseas bases, maybe in Pakistan

7 Jun 2017 - CNBC
A Pentagon report released on Tuesday singled out Pakistan as a possible location for a future Chinese military base, as it forecast that Beijing would likely build more bases overseas after establishing a facility in the African nation of Djibouti. The prediction came in a 97-page annual report to Congress ...

Chinese exports and imports top expectations as economy holds up better than expected

8 Jun 2017 - CNBC
China reported stronger-than-anticipated exports and imports for May despite falling commodity prices, suggesting the economy is holding up better than expected despite rising lending rates and a cooling property market. Concerns over China landed squarely back on global investors' radar after Moody's ...

Huawei is exploring bringing its own voice assistant to its Wi-Fi routers to rival Google, Amazon

8 Jun 2017 - CNBC
Huawei is considering bringing its own voice assistant to its home Wi-Fi routers as a way to compete with the likes of the Amazon Echo speaker in the smart home space, a top executive from the company told CNBC on Wednesday. The Chinese technology giant has been working on its own voice assistant in ...

A Chinese unicorn backed by Google is getting ready to take on the Amazon Alexa

8 Jun 2017 - CNBC
China's Google-backed artificial intelligence (AI) start-up , Mobvoi, could soon take on the world's leading smart voice assistant technologies, according to the firm's founder and CEO. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Shanghai, Mobvoi's Li Zhifei told CNBC that the firm could "absolutely" ...

Chinese bicycle maker looks abroad for survival as sharing apps crimp sales at home

14 May 2017 - South China Morning Post
Dongguan Tailing Electric Vehicle Co., China’s third-largest maker of electric bicycles, said it’ll be joining competitors in raising funds through an initial public offering (IPO) to finance its overseas expansion and create a time-sharing model, as a proliferation of bike-sharing services crimped sales ...

China May annual consumer inflation in line with market expectation, producer prices ease

9 Jun 2017 - CNBC
China's producer price inflation eased for the third straight month in May on tumbling prices of raw materials, signaling a broader cooling in economic activity as profits are squeezed by slackening domestic demand and rising financing costs. Moderating factory gate inflation in the world's second-biggest ...

How an interview with one Chinese billionaire threw a US broadcaster into turmoil

10 Jun 2017 - CNBC
Among the billionaire Guo's allegations is that Wang Qishan, leader of Beijing's anti-corruption efforts, is himself tainted by corruption. CNBC was unable to reach the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs early Saturday morning Beijing time for comment. Guo is believed to have fled China for the United ...

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