2021-10-18 Trending Stocks

Company Name Day Change 8-Day Change Value Change Percentile Rank
Uni Abex Alloy Products Ltd +12.28% +19.40% +44.60% 100%
Tata Power Co Ltd +15.64% +46.25% +206.21% 100%
Steelcast Ltd +17.21% +25.34% +108.74% 100%
S R K Industries Ltd +1.09% -10.89% +86.77% 100%
Rathi Bars Ltd +7.91% +23.84% +140.93% 100%

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How are trending stocks computed?

1) Compares latest trading day's daily transaction value against its last three months' daily transaction value.
For example, if the latest daily transaction value is SGD1Million and for the previous 5 days, the daily transaction value are {SGD 2Million, SGD 0.5Milion, SGD 0.3Million, SGD 0.4Million, SGD 0.1Million} respectively then the percentile rank will be 4 / 5 x 100% = 80%. It also means that the latest trading day's daily transaction value is greater than 80% of the previous 5 days. However, note that I am comparing with latest 60 trading days instead of 5.

2) Filters away stocks with >50% daily transaction value lesser than SGD 100,000.
I do this filtering to remove stocks with mostly low daily transaction values which are typically penny stocks.