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I have been interested in learning and integrating various approaches, namely fundamental analysis, technical analysis, portfolio management and machine learning to help myself make better investments/trades. This is the one of the reasons why SGXcafe exists.
Recently, I started learning more about technical analysis through a book titled, Come into my Trading Room. I am thankful to Azrael for introducing this book to me. It is certainly a decent first book to the world of technical analysis. It touches on various topics from technical metrics to psychology to risk management. The previous ignorant me thought that technical analysis simply meant finding the "right" parameters for the "right" metric.
One of the important tools required in technical analysis is the Technical Chart. Hence, I spent the last two days incorporating a technical chart into SGXcafe. Now, you have ...

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Can create a system automatically read the chart info and conclude it by telling user recommend to buy, recommend to sell or recommend to hold?

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Yup. That would be one of the goals. Although we might want to not only consider the chart only but also perhaps other signals like fundamental analysis and/or portfolio management. - evankoh 1306 days ago
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