Blog Post  Portfolio Allocation (April 2020)

Stock Allocation
Transaction Summary for April 2020
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Portfolio Allocation

There was no transaction done for the month of April. One noticeable change in my portfolio is that Sheng Siong has overtook Mapletree Comm Trust to become the largest holding. This is due to the accumulation in March, rally in price for Sheng Siong, and the fall of MCT price. MCT has been my largest holding for the longest time I can remembered.
STI has recovered around 17% from the low in March and had increased around 6% for the month of April. A number of REITs have released their quarterly results in April, and so far I see that retail REITs are the ones that are badly impacted. These REITs failed to rebound much despite raising STI, and had the most dividend cut. For e.g. ...

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