Blog Post  Portfolio Profit and Lost Updates (May 2020)

Portfolio P/L Breakdown
Portfolio P/L
As of 29 May 2020

Since Inception (Including Dividends)
Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain: $28.15K
Total Portfolio Realized Gain: $107.19K
XIRR: 5.99%
Portfolio Market Value
Portfolio Market Value (excluding Cash and SSBs)

After a month of consolidation, we are finally seeing a breakout in prices, especially the retail REITs and bank sectors. Portfolio is recovering well and with unrealized profits. I also made a few capital injections over the past few months and my portfolio value is now closed to pre-COVID levels.

I was trying out one of the new visualizations and is now able to breakdown my profit and lost by sectors. I was surprised with what I saw that most of my profits came from only 2 sectors, namely. REITs and Consumer. All the remaining sectors resulted in ...

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