Blog Post  Singpost and the STI components
Have one ever wondered why Singpost is not in the list of the STI index components while the renowned SingTel, Starhub, Keppel , SGX , SIA , SATS and the 3 financial blue chips are among the constituents. The thought may have come across but a little more research shall clear this mist. Singpost is actually one of them in the reserve list of STI index. Do take a look here to understand why. (No guarantees on its accuracy)
Going by the 7 rules/criteria of a defensive investor (Benjamin Graham’s theory), I have given my ratings below but not in detailed calculation. 1 point is given whenever the share meets the criteria while none is given when it fails to meet the criteria. 0.5 points are given for those which partially met the criteria. For example, under the criteria ...

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