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 Blog Post  Dutech Holdings – What’s Next? Realize $117k Profit, Hold Or Add More? (Part I)

Firstly, let me say Happy New Year and a BIG thank you to those who have recently subscribed to SG TTI. There was a sudden surge in subscriptions since my previous post (ThumbTack Investor’s Random Musings – Selling Property, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, Gold, New Blog Links, Advice For Beginners. Yes, It’s Random.)

Thanks for supporting good deep value research and content. I promise to continue to share my work here as timely as I can.

I’ve previously shared my investing thesis on Dutech Holdings:

Dutech Holdings Investing Thesis

In fact, I was actually a bit surprised that I’ve only written 1 post on Dutech, seeing that Dutech Holdings is a company that I’ve done a ton of work on, and it is currently and will likely be one of my core positions longer term, making up 26% ...

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