Blog Post  Expenses Update: December 2016

We spent a reasonable $3,280 in December considering it’s the month of giving. I guess with the intention of sticking to a budget of $42,000 in 2017, we have already subconsciously tried to pare down a bit of the excesses in the last month of 2016.

The entire year’s spending is in and we actually spent about $52,000 for 2017 which translates to a monthly expenditure of about $4,300.

I guess I will be dedicating a post to the breakdown of our expenses in the next few weeks. Analysing it will probably give us a better chance of our expenses becoming even more optimised in 2017.

Here’s Dec 2016’s expenses:

Eating Out: $678.30

Hawker ($189.70)It’s going down, as I start cooking for my lunches more often.

Fast Food ($24)Just a dinner at Carl’s ...

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