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 Featured   Blog Post  Book review: So good they can't ignore you
I picked up this work on the 2 Jan this year and finished it yesterday, 10 Jan. On Amazon, this book is listed at 267 pages. I have a Kindle so I read it while I commute daily and also spend 30 minutes before I sleep reading.
I got the book from Amazon since I have a Kindle. This is the (non-affiliated) link: here. I'm not sure if our public libraries have this book but you can check it out too. Without further ado, let's quickly skim the main points of the book.

So good they can't ignore you: why skills trump passion in the quest for work you love
The author segments the book into 4 rules and allocates a 2-3 chapters to talk about each rule and how to apply them. The entire drift of the book ...

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