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CapitaMall Trust 3Q2020 Financial Results have been released on 22nd October 2020. CapitaMall Trust makes up 9.70% of my stock portfolio. During the stock market crash, I have added more of CapitaMall Trust given my confidence in CapitaMall Trust.

How is CapitaMall Trust coping with the COVID-19 recovery? Let us take a look at the latest 3Q2020 financial results.

In 3Q 2020, CapitaMall Trust’s Gross Revenue and Net Property Income (“NPI”) decreased by 25.3% and 27.6% year-on-year respectively. This was mainly due to rental waivers of S$29.5 million granted by CapitaMall Trust to tenants affected by COVID-19, as well as lower other income and rental on gross turnover.

CapitaMall Trust also released S$36.4 million, part of the S$46.4 million of taxable income available for distribution retained in 1H 2020 to Unitholders. In 3Q 2019, CapitaMall Trust released S$1.5 million of ...

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