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 Friend   Cafe Post  What investment-related books do you recommend?

Among the books that I have read, I personally highly recommend Fooled By Randomness & A Random Walk Down Wall Street.

A consolidated list of recommended investment-related books (including other people's recommendations):

p.s.: I will periodically continue to update this post to consolidate everyone's recommendations.

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in the addition to those mentioned: 1) against the gods 2) the art of thinking clearly - flash89 668 days ago
I think you duplicated Pat Dorsey's Book ;) Maybe Warren Buffett Letters (from partnership to present?)? "Bull" by Maggie Mahar is good too. I heard "Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits" and "You Can Be a Stock Market Genius Even if You're Not Too Smart" are good reads too. - azrael 667 days ago
@azrael Yes, you caught my mistake :) Thanks all. List updated. - evankoh 667 days ago



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"The Art Of Execution - How the World's Best Investors Get It Wrong And Still Make Millions" by "Lee Freeman-Shor"

How can you not read a book with such a boomz title? LOL... If you find it hard to cut loss and like to hold on to losing positions (a bad habit that i'm fighting to change), please read this less than 100 pages book.

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Yup. Guilty of such bad habit too :( - evankoh 686 days ago
posted 686 days ago

rich dad poor dad one up wall street beating the street 5 rules of investing by morningstar

posted 686 days ago

rich dad poor dad :D

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ah.. right! - evankoh 686 days ago
posted 686 days ago

In that order:

  1. 5 Rules to Successful Stock Investing
  2. The Intelligent Investor
  3. One Up on Wall Street
  4. Michael Burry's posts in MSN Money (Google for this)

posted 686 days ago

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