Blog Post  Another downward revision of interest - Goodbye OCBC 360!
I am not at all surprised of the changes to the interest rate for OCBC 360 now. From 3.05% during their first introduction to 2.25% (2 years back), this latest change that is going to happen on 1 April 2017 will result in only 1.85% for me. I will explain why it is probably time for me to say goodbye to OCBC.
Let's start with the changes:
Bonus 1) The amount of money that can earn interest has increased
Old Up to $60,000
New Up to $70,000

Bonus 2) Credit at least $2000 salary to the account
Unchanged 1.2% interest

Bonus 3) Pay any 3 bills via giro
Old 0.5% interest
New 0.3% interest and with at least $150 in total value

Bonus 4) Spend at least $500 on OCBC ...

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